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What happens if you die?

What happens if you die?
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What happens if you die?

Once your health reaches 0, you'll get a screen that shows how long you've survived. You have two options available after, Resurrect or Reanimate.

Resurrection means you'll go back to your home base, however any items that are in your inventory will be gone. You can recover your items by heading back to the place you died.The other option is to Reanimate, where you return back to full health on the spot you've died as if nothing happened. However, you'll need to use a Resurrection Drone which is very limited. Drones can also be purchased in the shop in exchange for real money.

Tip: If you're about to die in your home base due to an invasion, it would be best for you to monitor your HP. If you think you won't survive, simply place all your items in a storage box so you won't lose them.

Recovering your items

If you remember the place where you died, you can go back to that map and look for your body. Your body will leave behind all items that you have lost, so it would be best to go there with enough inventory space.

What happens if you die?

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