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What's a Humanitarian Aid?

What's a Humanitarian Aid?
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Similar to a Plane Crash, there will be instances where you can explore certain regions of the map where a Humanitarian Aid has dropped by. There are other survivors as well and relief is provided, you'll be able to find useful items here such as crafting materials, food, and water.

What's a Humanitarian Aid?

Getting to your destination will require walking or running so make sure you have enough inventory space, as well as energy before heading out. Take note that there may be hostile monsters and other survivors here as well. Once you reach this map, search out crates and more. A good thing to hoard are water bottles so you can use it for your water collector.

There is also a time limit to when you'll be able to go here so make sure to check the map how much time you have. The appropriate danger level is also displayed in the description.

What's a Humanitarian Aid?

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