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What's a Trader/Vendor?

What's a Trader/Vendor?
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Occasionally, a trader sets up camp on the world map to trade goods. You should get a message about it on the map such as the one below. They provide goods that can be used for crafting for your blue prints, and there are trees nearby that you can chop as well.

What's a Trader/Vendor?

Similar to other world map instances, the trader isn't available all the time. They have a time limit, plus the goods that they have may differ each time you go there. Heading to their location will also take time or energy.

What's a Trader/Vendor?

It would be best to only go to the trader if you know you have some materials that you can trade in, or if there are specific materials that you may need. Check the descriptions of your items as well since there are some that can be used for trading. Since it requires time or energy to go here, only go if you have a specific blueprint you want to craft.

What's a Trader/Vendor?

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