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How do you level up?

How do you level up?
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Leveling up is important in this game since you get better access to items at specific levels only. Majority of the blueprints that you have will require a level progression.

How do you level up?

In order to get better equipment, facilities, etc, you will need to level up. The amount of time you spend here and tasks you do will provide you with EXP. If you check the lower area of your screen, you should see your level as well as a blue bar. The blue bar shows how much exp you have at the moment. Here are the following tasks that you can do to level up:

Kill enemies
Gather resources (Chop Wood, Mine Rocks, Harvest food)

You also gain EXP by following the main quests in your logs. Over time, you'll get higher levels eventually so make sure to manage your items properly in order for you to gather a lot of items.

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