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The Legend of Neverland Recipe List

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The Legend of Neverland is a new mobile MMO ARPG with obvious references and elements from successful games with familiar features like gacha elements, grinding, PvE, PvP, guild mechanics, crafting, and more. You can also cook in the game which will give you various buffs and effects. In this page, we will list down all cooking recipes in the game and tips on how to unlock them.

Cooking is just one of many life skills available in The Legend of Neverland. Adventuring in the land of Cabala poses a lot of threats and challenges, and taking a break every now and then to make use of your Life skills will go a long way in easing up your journey. Legend of Neverland’s world has many ingredients, most can be gathered while the rest must be purchased from the in-game shop for your convenience. For more information about cooking, please check out our dedicated Cooking Guide for the game.
The Legend of Neverland Recipe List

Trial and error of course plays a big role as you mix and match different ingredients to discover a good dish. However, if you want to have an easier time (and avoid wasted ingredients), you can just check out our The Legend of Neverland cooking recipes list below.

You can only obtain recipes through Research, which is the second option available in the Cooking option of the Life System window. In this screen, you can combine various ingredients to unlock new dishes. To avoid wasting your ingredients, you can simply use our recipes listed below. Aside from the default recipes, the next set of recipes will require milk, which can only be bought once your Fishing level reaches LV2 and so on.
The Legend of Neverland Recipe List

Self Eat Dish Recipes

These are dishes that will provide temporary stat buffs to your character.
Fried Egg
x1 Egg, x1 Salt
Crit +300
Baked Mushroom
x2 Mushroom, x2 Salt, x2 Water
Block +300
Barley Tea
x3 Barley, x3 Salt, x3 Water
Crush +300
Corn Flake
x4 Corn, x4 Milk, x4 Salt
Resistance +300
Mushroom Stew
x4 Mushroom, x4 Milk, x4 Black Pepper
Protect +300
x6 Corn, x6 Milk, x6 Butter
Pierce +300
Mixed Fried Rice
x5 Egg, x5 Potato, x5 Rice
Attack +150
Fried Rice with Mushroom
x4 Mushroom, x4 Carrot, x4 Rice
Crit +600
Fried Onion Rings
x5 Wheat, x5 Onion, x5 Salt
Block +600
Fried Food Platter
x3 Celery, x3 Carrot, x3 Bacon
Crush +600
Tomato Macaroni
x4 Wheat, x4 Onion, x4 Tomato
Resistance +600
Chocolate Cream Cake
x6 Wheat, x6 Egg, x6 Chocolate
Protect +600
Steamed Dumplings
x4 Wheat, x4 Meat, x4 Salt
Pierce +600
Steamed Pork Ribs with Potatoes
x5 Potato, x5 Meat, x5 Salt
Attack +300
Fried Pork Chop
x5 Egg, x5 Wheat, x5 Meat
Crit +1000
Matcha Chicken Wing
x2 Chicken Wing, x2 Thyme, x2 Salt
Block +1000
Stewed Chicken with Wine
x2 Chicken Wing, x2 Thyme, x2 Red Wine
Crush +1000
T-Bone Steak
x3 Meat Chunk, x3 Thyme, x3 Salt
Resistance +1000

Flower Fairy Upgrade Dish Recipes

These dishes add Flower Fairy EXP to the EXP Pool. You can use that accumulated EXP to level up your flower fairies.
Boiled Corn
x1 Corn, x1 Salt, x1 Water
Hero EXP +100
Roasted Potato
x3 Potato, x3 Salt
Hero EXP +150
x2 Barley, x3 Wheat, x2 Water
Hero EXP +230
Corn Porridge
x3 Corn, x4 Milk, x3 Water
Hero EXP +310
Vegetable Soup
x2 Milk, x2 Celery, x2 Carrot
Hero EXP +400
Onion Soup
x2 Black Pepper, x3 Onion, x2 Fresh Cheese
Hero EXP +480
Strawberry Milk
x3 Milk, x2 Strawberry, x2 Sugar
Hero EXP +600
Chocolate Milk
x2 Milk, x3 Chocolate Material, x2 Sugar
Hero EXP +850
Fried Shrimp
x3 Egg, x3 Wheat, x4 Shrimp
Hero EXP +1150
Shrimp Fried Rice
x4 Egg, x4 Rice, x4 Shrimp
Hero EXP +1450
Chicken Noodle Soup
x4 Wheat, x5 Chicken Wing, x4 Salt
Hero EXP +1800
Ham Sandwich
x3 Wheat, x4 Cheese, x3 Meat
Hero EXP +2200

This concludes our dedicated guide about Cooking Recipes in Legend of Neverland. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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