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The Legend of Neverland Fishing Guide

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The Legend of Neverland Fishing Guide

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The Legend of Neverland is a new mobile MMO ARPG with obvious references and elements from successful games with familiar features like gacha elements, grinding, PvE, PvP, guild mechanics, crafting, and more. The Legend of Neverland has a fishing system in the game, which serves as a roundabout way of earning a different kind of currency that you can use to buy cooking ingredients. In this page, we will discuss how the game’s fishing system works.

Almost all MMORPGs incorporate some sort of life skill system where players can hunt, forage, cook, forge, and more. This gives the game more depth since players can create stuff on their own after collecting the necessary materials. The Legend of Neverland is no different; here, players can do most of the familiar item creation options. Fishing is one such activity. It’s quite easy to ignore this activity as many players’ focus is to increase their CP, farm for better equipment, and more. As you read on our The Legend of Neverland fishing guide, we might even convince you why fishing is necessary.
The Legend of Neverland Fishing Guide

Why Fish?

Fishing allows you to collect different types of fish that you can sell for gold and a special currency called Water Essences. This currency can be used to purchase cooking ingredients in the Mall > Daily Shop > Cooking Shop. To summarize, cooking allows you to make dishes that will give your character long-lasting buffs and food that gives Fairy EXP, which adds up to the EXP pool that you can freely allocate to your fairies.

The fish you’ve caught have no other use other than selling them for gold and water essences. And this is also the reason why Cooking is directly related to fishing. Please refer to our dedicated Cooking guide for more information!
The Legend of Neverland Fishing Guide

How to unlock fishing?

You’ll be able to fish after completing the first few tutorial missions. Once you’ve unlocked this feature, you’ll be able to fish from any fishing spots in various maps. So far, there are no different types of fishing rods and bait to worry about. Simply find a spot, tap the Fishing button.

It will be hard at first since you have to manually fish until you reach LV3. The only way to enable auto-gathering before Fishing LV3 is by obtaining the Conqueror of Cabala mount, which has this ability by default. Once your fishing level reaches LV3, auto-fishing will be unlocked. Fishing also consumes stamina so try to do it daily if you can.
The Legend of Neverland Fishing Guide

Where can I Fish?

There are several bodies of water in almost every map but not all of them are fishing spots. To know if a map has a fish farm or fishing spot, you have to open the map then tap the Fish Farm tab on the right. If there are valid fishing spots there, you’ll see the type of fish you can catch; otherwise, it will say “none”. Tap on the type of fish and the game will automatically navigate your character into the fishing spot.
The Legend of Neverland Fishing Guide

How to Fish Faster

When you’re manually fishing, you can save a few seconds of animation by moving your character a bit (tilt the joystick) as your character pulls the fish out of the water. You only need to dedicate around 20-30 minutes to reach LV3 using this technique.

Once you have auto-fishing unlocked (at Fishing LV3), you can just leave your game as your character automatically fishes for you. Take note however that auto-fishing has a lower success rate compared to manual fishing. This means you’ll get a significant number of (sellable) junk on top of the successfully-captured fishes when doing this method. However, this downside is acceptable especially if you want the game to be idle while you’re doing something else away from the game.
The Legend of Neverland Fishing Guide

This concludes our dedicated guide about Fishing in Legend of Neverland. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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