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The Legend of Neverland Cooking Guide

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The Legend of Neverland Cooking Guide

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The Legend of Neverland is a new mobile MMO ARPG with obvious references and elements from successful games with familiar features like gacha elements, grinding, PvE, PvP, guild mechanics, crafting, and more. You can also cook in the game which will give you various buffs and effects. In this page, we will discuss how The Legend of Neverland’s cooking system works and will provide some important tips and tricks how to cook more efficiently.
Cooking is just one of many life skills available in The Legend of Neverland. Adventuring in the land of Cabala poses a lot of threats and challenges, and taking a break every now and then to make use of your Life skills will go a long way in easing up your journey. Legend of Neverland’s world has many ingredients, most can be gathered while the rest must be purchased from the in-game shop for your convenience. Trial and error of course plays a big role as you mix and match different ingredients to discover a good dish. However, if you want to have an easier time (and avoid wasted ingredients), you can just check out our The Legend of Neverland cooking recipes list by following this link.

Food Categories

There are two categories of food in The Legend of Neverland: Self Eat Dish and Flower Fairy Upgrade Dish. Self Eat Dish are dishes that will provide temporary stat buffs to your character while Flower Fairy Upgrade Dish adds Flower Fairy EXP to the EXP Pool. You can use that accumulated EXP to level up your flower fairies. Leveling up your flower fairies will also increase your CP and allow them to be even more efficient in combat so you can prioritize making dishes to increase their EXP pool since you don’t really need to keep yourself buffed at all times.

How can you Cook?

Cooking is a Life Skill. In The Legend of Neverland, you can conveniently cook anywhere. Just open your main menu, tap Life > Produce > Cooking. From there, just select the recipe you want to cook, then indicate how many you want to prepare. The ingredients will be automatically added and calculated. You can also access the Cooking Shop from this menu by holding the ingredient and selecting “Get”.
The Legend of Neverland Cooking Guide

Where can you get Ingredients

Most of the ingredients can be purchased from the shop. Go to Mall > Daily Shop > Cooking Shop. The currency used here is called Water Essence, which you can earn by catching fish and selling them. This is why fishing is indirectly tied to Cooking as well.
The Legend of Neverland Cooking Guide

Try to increase your fishing level as early as possible since it will allow you to purchase more ingredients in the cooking shop. These ingredients can be used to research new recipes and prepare those unlocked recipes. Furthermore, the fishes you sell will earn you gold and Water Essence, which is the currency of the Cooking Shop. It will be hard at first since you have to manually fish until you reach LV3. By then, auto-fishing will be unlocked. The only exception for this is if you have the mountConqueror of Cabala” which has the auto-fishing ability by default. Fishing also consumes stamina so try to do it daily if you can.
The Legend of Neverland Cooking Guide

How to Fish Faster

When you’re manually fishing, you can save a few seconds of animation by moving your character a bit (tilt the joystick) as your character pulls the fish out of the water. You only need to dedicate around 20-30 minutes to reach LV3 using this technique. Once you have auto-fishing unlocked, you can just leave your game as your character automatically fishes for you.
The Legend of Neverland Cooking Guide

How to unlock new recipes

You can only obtain recipes through Research, which is the second option available in the Cooking option of the Life System window. In this screen, you can combine various ingredients to unlock new dishes. To avoid wasting your ingredients, you can simply use our recipes listed below. Aside from the default recipes, the next set of recipes will require milk, which can only be bought once your Fishing level reaches LV2 and so on.
The Legend of Neverland Cooking Guide

This concludes our dedicated Cooking Guide for Legend of Neverland. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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