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Legend of Neverland is a new mobile MMO ARPG with obvious references and elements from successful games like Genshin Impact, Granblue Fantasy, Black Desert, and Final Fantasy to name a few. However, LoN is NOT a Genshin Impact ripoff or clone as many speculated. We've put together below out best Legend of Neverland Cheats and Tips to help you get started in the game, check out also our Legend of Neverland Guide and if you need some extra help, feel free to check out our Legend of Neverland Q&A where you can submit your own question.

Using the Map For Easier Tracking and Navigation

You can open your map by tapping the transparent mini-map on the upper-left corner of the screen. This will bring up the world map where you can teleport to different areas you’ve unlocked. Furthermore, you can track individual monsters, NPCs, resource points, fishing spots, and more. You can also tap the spot on the map and your character will automatically head towards there.

Changing Lines for Effective Farming

When farming from crystals, rubbing, insects, and ores, you can only get a set amount from each node. This will also become a challenge especially if there are several other players trying to get the resources from the same nodes. A good solution for this is to open your map and select Switch Lines. This will allow you to switch to a different channel on the same server and map. Hopefully, the channel where you’ll get switched to has a lesser player population at the time.

Elemental Types will affect Combat

Yes, the game has an elemental wheel where one element can be effective or weak against the other. Basically it’s like this:
* Water effective against Fire
* Fire effective against Place (Rock)
* Place (Rock) effective against Wind
* Wind effective against Water

If you’re using an effective attack, you’ll deal 50% more damage. If you’re using an ineffective attack, the damage will be reduced by 25%. Neutral attacks will just deal normal damage. Another indicator you can watch out for is the color of the attack. If the damage has purple numbers, it means that the attack deals reduced damage against the target. If the numbers appear as yellow, it means that the attack is dealing increased damage against the target. Neutral damage will appear as white numbers. (Like fire versus wind or water vs rock)

In combat, especially when facing bosses with elemental types, it’s recommended to use a team with an attribute bonus activated to resist incoming damage and to deal bonus damage. You can activate an attribute bonus by equipping two fairies of the same element in the same team.

Equip your fairy slots

You can have up to 2 fairies equipped at a time and you can have up to three teams. Since the elemental advantages/disadvantages can directly affect combat, make sure that you have all three teams filled. You can deploy two fairies per team (which will appear floating beside you when exploring and will attack automatically during combat).

Activate the Elemental Attribute Bonus

Equipping two fairies of the same element will activate the attribute bonus. For example, equipping two fire-type fairies will activate the Fire attribute bonus. With this team deployed, you’ll be able to deal 50% more damage against Place-type (rock) targets, and resist 25% damage from water-type attacks. Since you can have up to three teams, it’s ideal to have three different element-attributed teams that you can switch out as the situation arises.

Another good thing about this is that you can still include the fairies on another team by putting them in one of the four Assist Slots. The fairies in the assist slots do not affect the attribute bonus and will only serve as CP buffers. That way, you can still maintain your CP as close to its max value as possible.

Keep the target monster in Offline Battle Management updated

Regularly check the target monster in the Offline Battle Management option if it’s within your level range. This is because the game employs a penalty system where the drops and EXP gains from mobs you’ve killed will be affected by your character’s level. If you kill low-level mobs, you won’t get anything; you have to make sure that the targeted mobs in auto-battle (can be set in the Offline Battle Management from the main menu) are at least 2 levels below you.

Flower Fairy Resonance

Flower Fairy Resonance gives your character additional stat boost once you’ve met the requirements. Since this resonance gets activated once 6 of your fairies all reach a certain level, we highly recommend choosing six of your fairies and leveling them up equally. You don’t need to have an entire team of Superb fairies. Properly-leveled Epic fairies will do just well until you summon better fairies to replace them.

Enhance Resonance

Once you have unlocked all weapon slots, make sure that you enhance them and all your armor pieces equally to activate the Enhance Resonance effect. This resonance gives a permanent stat bonus (and in turn, CP boost) once all your weapons and equipment reach LV5, LV10, LV20, LV35, and so on. Don’t hesitate to enhance your gear; the enhancement level of your equipment will be retained even if you replace your gear with a better version so there’s really no use in hoarding up the enhance dust.

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