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How to Increase Combat Power (CP) in Legend of Neverland

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How to Increase Combat Power (CP) in Legend of Neverland

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Legend of Neverland is a new mobile MMO ARPG with obvious references and elements from successful games with familiar features like gacha elements, grinding, PvE, PvP, guild mechanics, crafting, and more. Combat Power or CP is an integral part of the game as it will determine your character’s strength in facing mobs and bosses; in short, your CP determines how smoothly you can clear the various content the game has to offer. In this page, we will discuss the various methods of increasing your CP.

Almost everything you do in the game will affect your CP. Normally, you’ll expect the usual things that directly affect CP like level, equipment, skills, and stats. However, in Legend of Neverland, there are several other things that can affect your CP, some are obvious while others are quite mundane and not immediately noticeable. Thankfully, there’s a way to know which aspects you should focus on.

Access your main menu then tap the hat icon in the Miru’s Class section (upper left) of the screen. In the CP Test lab, you’ll see your current CP and the recommended CP at your level. Try to check the listed tasks to know which ones you can improve upon. By pressing the “Go” button, you’ll be taken to the respective window where you can do the necessary improvements.
How to Increase Combat Power (CP) in Legend of Neverland

Enhance Equipment

One important thing to remember about equipment is that you’ll keep the enhancement levels even if you swap out weapons and equipment. That’s why there’s no use hoarding the Enhance Dusts and waiting until you get better equipment. Keep enhancing your weapons and gear. Once you have better gear, just swap them out.
How to Increase Combat Power (CP) in Legend of Neverland

Advance Equipment

This process allows you to increase the quality of the weapon or equipment, greatly boosting its stats. Just remember, “S is better than T” - so an S1 weapon is better than a T4 one. To advance a weapon or equipment, you’ll need to pay in gold and use the necessary advancement materials. These materials are usually farmed in Abyss Ruins of Ancient Ruins, dropped by Giant Bosses, or produced by forging. The metals you’ll need for forging are of course mined. As the quality of the weapon or equipment you’re trying to advance goes higher, you’ll need to mine higher-quality ores to forge the necessary advancement materials.
How to Increase Combat Power (CP) in Legend of Neverland

Upgrade your Skills and Talents

There are only 4 classes in the game and you’ll have access to their individual skill and talent trees. Leveling up the skills of other classes will still increase your CP but of course, you should focus on your main class’ skills. As for talents, focus on your main class first since the other talents will only be unlocked after reaching the total skill level of a class.
How to Increase Combat Power (CP) in Legend of Neverland
How to Increase Combat Power (CP) in Legend of Neverland

Upgrade your Spirit

Miru is your equipment spirit and your companion. You can access its menu by accessing the Equipment Spirit button in the main menu. To level it up, you can feed it with unused equipment and spirit EXP crystals. By leveling up your spirit, you not only get bonus stat boosts (and in turn, increase your CP), but also unlock additional features like auto-battle, auto-identify, auto-enhance, additional fairy team slots, and more.
How to Increase Combat Power (CP) in Legend of Neverland

Improve your Flower Fairy Team

While purple (legendary) fairies can carry you well, having gold (mythical) fairies can considerably increase your CP. Keep completing tasks and quests to earn more summon seeds, giving you more chances to summon mythical fairies or duplicate copies of legendary fairies you have. Since mythical flower fairies have higher base stats and higher growth values, getting more mythical fairies in your team will in turn further increase your CP.
How to Increase Combat Power (CP) in Legend of Neverland

Upgrade and Advance your Flower Fairies

Flower fairies can be leveled up by using Flower Fairy EXP. This will increase their level, increasing their stats that will also help boost your character’s CP. As you level up your flower fairy, their respective skills will level up as well, improving their effects. You can tap on the skill to know what level they should reach to increase their skill level.

Furthemore, similar to weapons and equipment, you can also Advance your fairy so they can level up further. Otherwise, failing to advance them will just make them hit the level cap, hindering further growth.
How to Increase Combat Power (CP) in Legend of Neverland

Inlay and upgrade crystals

Crystals are additional stat-boosting items that you can equip to your character. Your character will start off with a cluster with three crystal slots and more clusters will become available as your character levels up. You can have up to 10 clusters (30 crystals total). Individual crystals will have their own stats so don’t forget to equip your crystals. Furthermore, you can combine these crystals to get a higher-quality crystal with higher stats.
How to Increase Combat Power (CP) in Legend of Neverland

Unlock Costume Skins

Whenever you get a new piece of equipment or advance it for the first time, it’s appearance will be recorded in the Adventure Book. Unlock it to get a stat (CP) boost. Unlocking the full set will also provide additional stat boosts as a set reward bonus.
How to Increase Combat Power (CP) in Legend of Neverland

Expand Monster Lore Knowledge

When you kill a monster for the first time, it will be registered in the Adventure Book. Claim the lore reward to get a permanent stat boost. Keep killing that monster type to earn lore exp for that monster. Once you have enough lore exp, your lore knowledge level for that monster will increase, further giving permanent stats. Once you have maxed out your lore knowledge level for that monster, you’ll even get to transform to it.
How to Increase Combat Power (CP) in Legend of Neverland

Activate Resonances

These are bonus effects that get activated by meeting certain requirements. You can see this through the notification or by tapping the Character button in the main menu and selecting Resonance in the lower-left corner. Whenever you meet the requirements, always activate the corresponding resonance to get the permanent stat boost. Here are the list of resonances that you can activate.
* Improve CP: After reaching a certain CP, activate this resonance to get bonus stats.
* Enhance Resonance: To activate, enhance all equipment to a certain level.
* Tier Resonance: Advance all equipment to the same grade. (Epic, Superb, Legendary, etc)
* Upgrade Flower Fairy: Own 6 flower fairies with the required levels. (e.g. own 6 LV10 fairies to activate the 1st Resonance)
* Flower Fairy Tier: Own 6 flower fairies of the same required grade (e.g. own 6 epic flower fairies to activate the 1st Resonance)
How to Increase Combat Power (CP) in Legend of Neverland

Inlay Starstone

You can get starstones from completing guild-related activities. There are pre-determined star slots so you just need to spend Starvein Dust to upgrade them. There are also empty star slots. These function similarly to crystals where you can inlay various starstones to get additional stat bonuses. These manually-inserted starstones can be upgraded by feeding them with other unused starstones. If your Starstone is a Legendary+ grade, you can advance it further with Starstone advancement.

You’ll also start off with the Star of Fertility. Once you’ve reached LV110, you’ll be able to unlock another star map called Star of Creation. The other two star maps are still labeled as “Coming soon” so you don’t have to worry about them for now.
How to Increase Combat Power (CP) in Legend of Neverland

Consume Attribute Berries

These berries give permanent stat bonuses when consumed. You can get them from special/ wild quests. These wild quests are refreshed daily so make sure to complete all the tasks given so you’ll always have a daily supply of berries.
How to Increase Combat Power (CP) in Legend of Neverland

Equip Titles

You’ll unlock titles as you complete different tasks or meet certain requirements like advancing certain flower fairies or maxing out the lore levels of all monsters in an area. However, unlike the other methods we have covered here, the stat bonuses of these titles are not permanent. They’ll only apply if you have them equipped so it’s even possible for your current CP to dip if you have equipped a different title.
How to Increase Combat Power (CP) in Legend of Neverland

Awaken Soul Will

Soul Will is basically a guardian spirit that you can summon temporarily in battle. After summoning, it will temporarily give you a large boost to all of your stats. Even when not summoned, simply infusing your Soul Will with various cores will increase the cores’ levels and the stat bonus applied to your character. Cores can only be purchased from the Gloomy Realm shop, and the currency needed to purchase cores there is aptly named Gloomy Realm coins. Obviously, you can only farm these coins from the Gloomy Realm instance, which is a purely PvE coop mode.
How to Increase Combat Power (CP) in Legend of Neverland

This concludes our dedicated guide about increasing your CP in Legend of Neverland. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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