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Legend of Neverland Equipment Spirit Guide

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Legend of Neverland Equipment Spirit Guide

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The Legend of Neverland is a new mobile MMORPG with obvious references and elements from successful games with familiar features like gacha elements, grinding, PvE, PvP, guild mechanics, crafting, and more. Certain MMORPGs give players a sidekick character that serves as the player’s guide and companion in the story and offer different gameplay-related features. In Legend of Neverland, this role is played by the Equipment Spirit named Miru. In our Equipment Spirit Guide, we will discuss the details regarding your trusted companion in the game.

You’ll obtain your equipment spirit as part of the story, very early in the game. Miru serves as your guide and companion throughout your journey and serves as a helpful gameplay feature as well. You can check your spirit’s details by accessing the main menu and selecting Equipment Spirit.
Legend of Neverland Equipment Spirit Guide

Leveling Up Miru

While Miru doesn’t help you in combat directly, you can feed it unused equipment or light stones to increase its level. You can get more equipment from giant bosses and Abyss Ruins. Light Stones can be purchased from the Mall/Shop, Ladder Shop, Guild-related activities, main quest, and even dropped by Giant Bosses as well.
Legend of Neverland Equipment Spirit Guide

Your CP will permanently increase alongside the growth of your equipment spirit so don’t forget to feed it. If you also purchased the Monthly Privilege Card, you’ll get +20% Spirit EXP acquisition. Aside from that, Miru will also unlock helpful features as listed below:
Spirit Level
Unlocked Effect/Feature
Auto Battle
Auto Identify Equipment
Auto Enhance Equipment
Auto Open Chests in Inventory
Unlock Flower Fairy Team 2
Increased Dance EXP SPD
Auto Advance Equipment
Unlock 2nd Seal Skill Slot
Unlock Flower Fairy Team 3
Unlock 3rd Seal Skill Slot
Wild Battle EXP +1%
Wild Battle Gold +1%
Wild Battle EXP +2%
Wild Battle Gold +2%
Wild Battle EXP +4%
Wild Battle Gold +4%
Wild Battle EXP +6%
Wild Battle Gold +6%

Miru’s appearance will also change as you level it up, with its final form obtained at LV200. You can freely change to Miru’s previously unlocked forms if you want to. Furthermore, these forms are for aesthetic only and have no effect on your character’s combat capability.
Legend of Neverland Equipment Spirit Guide

Seal Skill

You can manage Seal Skills from Miru’s menu. You can equip up to three Seal Skills and freely interchange them between all other seal skills you have already unlocked. As the name suggests, Seal Skills are special skills unlocked as you clear various Seals. Clearing these seals requires the completion of all smaller tasks under that Seal. These tasks are tied to your overall game progress like reaching a certain character level, reaching combat power threshold, spending specific currency, and more. For more information about Seals, please check our dedicated page about Seals
Legend of Neverland Equipment Spirit Guide


Miru can evaluate your level and current CP, highlighting the areas of opportunities to make your character stronger, on par with the recommended CP at that level. Some areas of improvement can be a tall order like high-quality weapons and equipment as you’ll have to rely on luck from drops before getting a great weapon. Same goes with Fairy Flowers. They have a significant impact to your CP but since they’re gacha-based, you’ll have to be lucky enough to get high-quality fairies or copies of the decent ones so you can continuously advance/promote them.
Legend of Neverland Equipment Spirit Guide


These are artifacts that you can equip to further enhance your stats, and in turn, increase your CP. You can manage them directly from Miru’s screen as well. You can have up to 2 relics equipped at a time. These can be upgraded pr swapped further by spending a different currency called Victory Marks which can be obtained from participating in Legion battles.
Legend of Neverland Equipment Spirit Guide

Enhance and Advance Equipment

These options allow you to level up your equipment and advance them to the next tier/grade. Both actions are necessary to increase the equipment’s stats. Best of all, the enhancement level is transferred to the new equipment so there’s really no reason to hold back when it comes to enhancing. Advancing on the other hand, gives a more significant stat boost. Unfortunately, advanced tiers will not be carried over but don’t let that deter you from advancing your gear. Great gear that will replace what you have will be hard to come by and while you’re waiting for that stroke of luck, it’s best to have reliable pieces of gear at hand.
Legend of Neverland Equipment Spirit Guide

This concludes our dedicated Equipment Spirit guide in Legend of Neverland. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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