Family Island™ - Farm game adventure

Family Island™ - Farm game adventure

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Review by GuestApr 17th 2022
This is a fun game but the makers have restricted it too much meaning you can only get enough energy to do a few things then need to keep coming back regularly as in minutes all day and night if you want to get anywhere fast. They should consider making it so the player is able to have a fun time for an hour or so and then want to come back every few hours or a few times a day. It’s so so time consuming this way that although I’m on level 19 only because I got covid and had the time, now I’m better I don’t have that time to be checking into it regularly all day. It’s a shame because it it wasn’t so restricted I’d buy energy and things and keep playing once or twice a day. There’s so much to clear that this game would take me many months to clear an island …. So will stop playing now. I can see many others saying a similar thing about being too time consuming. The makers of this game need to remember that people have to do other things in life in between things like this game so to get people committing and recommending, make it far less time consuming and have the ability to get a good session not have to keep coming back within minutes all day every day.
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Review by GuestDec 29th 2021
Too expensive, why do we need to waste 255 energy to remove a big rock? 155 energy to chop a tree down? Cooking for energy is aggravating. Everything needs a saw, pick axe, key or excessive energy to play.
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Review by GuestOct 20th 2021
Everygry takes forever to regenerate, if your storage if full when you clear something it makes these little gifts so that you can pick it up after you clear you storage. Except all these little gifts often land behind trees and you can't get to them without cutting the trees. Soooooo annoying!
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Review by GuestSep 8th 2021
The game’s infuriating as it doesn’t end the home island.
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Review by Lea AgnewJan 7th 2021
It takes way to much energy to do anything in this game almost impossible to complete all quests and also takes way too many materials to build things and keep fixing the toilet and shower grrrr

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Review by GuestNov 6th 2020
No idea how to contact Melsoft, website is russian or something. Free energy not working “oops something went wrong”- same thing with opening chests for free. Meat from rooster is not added when collected from rooster. They’re too expensive too.
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Review by GuestOct 2nd 2020
Was good until they started forcing more money from you. Literally require items from Palm Trees that you can't reach and are not available on any island. It's theft if you ask me.
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Review by GuestAug 4th 2020
It is hard to make any real progress on the other islands... they are a waste unless you are grabbing resources for the main island
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