Family Island™ - Farm game adventure

How to contact support

How to contact support
Family Island™ - Farm game adventure Guide

What do you do if you need help in the game with a problem that is stopping you playing or progressing. Some of these may be bugs which can only be addressed by the game developers. Family Island is a new game and the developers are listening to feedback and providing updates to address issues.

In game Support

The developers have an in game support option to send them a message and report issues. This maybe used for game bugs, account issues and general suggestions.

To access this support, tap on the cog icon on the right to enter the settings menu, then select the 'Support' option. Support offers some general help for the game but to contact the technical support for the game tap on the message icon in the top right.

Other contact options
If you are not able to use the support option in game then you can send message to the game developers vis one of the folllowing methods:
[email protected]
Web site:
Support Contact form


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