Family Island™ - Farm game adventure

How to play Family Island

How to play Family Island
Family Island™ - Farm game adventure Guide

Family Island is a development game where you are given tasks and quests to complete to gain your the resources and rewards to upgrade and rebuild a families way of life. The initial tutorial section of the game will intoduce you to the gathering and building mechanics and once you have completed this you will need to start focusing on the quests.

Quests will be given to you and are displayed on the left side of the screen. You can tap on a quest and then tap the small magnifying glass icon on it to view the quest’s location. Typically quests will require that you complete a series of tasks. You many need to obtain an item but their will require you to gather and produce other resources or collect items.

Completing the quests will then earn stars which will go towards your level progression. AS you level up in the game you will unlock more buildings, decorations and earn gifts.

To complete tasks such as gathering you need energy. Energy is a resource in the game that you need to manage, you can see it in the blue bar at the top of the screen. Your energy will refill over time, although this is a slow process. Energy has a cap that when reached it will not generate any more although energy gained from rewards can add on top of this.

The bigger the gathering task that you need to do the more energy you will need to spend. For example cutting down a big tree will take more energy than a small tree. You can gain bonus energy back during gathering tasks. The energy gained from this will not cover the energy spent but it does help you to be able to get on with the next task.

Apart from completing the story lien quests it is also a good idea to upgrade your house and the storage building to increase the energy cap and the storage capacity of your settlement. As you unlock new buildings you may also need to clear areas of the world to make room to place them.

If you find yourself with any questions for Family Island please head to the Answers Page to see if it has been answered for you or to ask for help.

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