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Game Hints and Tips

Game Hints and Tips
Family Island™ - Farm game adventure Guide

If you are getting started in Family Island here are a few helpful tips for gaining energy and progressing in the game.

Feed the Family. You will gain instant energy when family members finish eating food at the family dinner table. To do this though you will have to cook food at the “hearth” and then place the food on the dinner table.

To cook food you will need to gather ingredients, e.g. roots, from the island or harvest from garden beds and then use the hearth to cook them. As you level up from completing quests you can unlock more dishes and food items.

Build Decorations for example the totem which will reward you with energy every few hours. You can collect energy fro the totem every 12 hours.

Find gift boxes around the island as you clear the areas by getting rid of grass and trees. Gift boxes can contain rubies and energy. You can also tap on any sea shells that you find to get rubies.

Upgrade your house when you are able to to increase max energy level cap. Although energy rewards are added on top of the cap that your house provides, if your energy regenerates while you are away from the game you will want that max level to be as high as possible for your next time in the game.

If you have any other hints and tips for playing this game please add them in the comments below or send them in to us. If you have any questions for playing the game please head to the Answers Page to ask them there.

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