Empire Warriors TD

Level 7

Level 7
Empire Warriors TD Guide


I actually found this level easier than level 6. Watch out for the bubbling green slime on the map it will damage both your heroes and the enemy.

On this map the enemy units come from three directions but can escape via tow different routes.

We pretty much used the same tactic on this map as we did on level 6, that is using paladins close to the exit and upgraded wizard and archer towers on the positions where they will hit the most troops.

The wizard upgrade works particularly well on this level.

The first screenshot shows our starting layout of two militia towers, two wizard towers and two archer towers, all upgraded one level.

Level 7  - Starting Layout

Level 7 - Starting Layout

When we collect more coins we will first upgrade the wizard and archer towers then the militia towers then start to add more towers.

The first few waves are really easy so be ready to click to summon the next wave as soon as you get the opportunity for maximum coin bonus.

Level 7 after a few waves

Level 7 after a few waves

It's really important that you deploy your heroes well as often times the towers alone will not be able to stop the enemy getting through, so if you find there are a lot of troops coming via the top route simply redeploy your heroes to stop them. Also remember that if you are struggling to make sure that you have not speeded up the game. Playing the game at a normal speed should help you manage your heroes better.

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