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Level 8
Empire Warriors TD Guide

Level 8

Level 8 is really interesting in that now your enemy can come from four different routes, but thankfully there is only one exit path. So initially, for your towers to work best you should concentrate your firepower near the path that most of the enemy will take ot the exit - or close to the exit itself.

There is the bubbling slime again just before the exit so that may help to kill off some weaker troops should they manage to get past your towers.

Below is our suggested starting layout

Level 8 - Starting Layout
Level 8 - Starting Layout

After a few waves our defense looked a bit like this:

Level 8 - Progress
Level 8 - Progress

In this actual game we managed to three star the level but a couple of enemies did get through! I think we were a little slow moving our heroes.

Try to keep your heroes alive. They will recover their energy quicker than if they die and get respawned.

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