Empire Warriors TD

Level 14

Level 14
Empire Warriors TD Guide

Here's our tips for how to complete Level 14 of Empire Warriors TD.

Check out our starting layout, this is based on being free to play and having the usual amount of upgrades for a player just reaching this level for the first time.

Empire Warriors TD Level 14 - Starting Layout
Empire Warriors TD Level 14 - Starting Layout

We've used a selection of wizard and golem towers, plus a couple of barracks just in case anyone moves to fast for our other towers to catch.

We have chosen not to upgrade any of the towers until the battle begins.

Level 14 - Part Way Through the Battle
Level 14 - Part Way Through the Battle

Level 14 - Upgrading the Important Towers
Level 14 - Upgrading the Important Towers

Strategy and Tips

1) Use your hero special ability.
Keep using it when it's available after recharge to take any pressure off

2) Call up the next wave
For maximum bonuses call the next wave as soon as you get the option to do so - so long as you think youy can handle it!

3) Upgrade your towers
As soon as coins start coming in, start upgrading your towers, you want to have a couple of maxed out wizard towers as soon as possible. It's more important to get lots of upgrades before filling every tower slot.

Use the Ice Gems
Don't forget to use those flashing small blue gems on the battlefield, this will temporarily freeze some enemies.

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