Empire Warriors TD

Levels 1-5

Levels 1-5
Empire Warriors TD Guide

These are pretty straight forward and as long as you just put a mix of wizard towers, archer towers and a few warrior towers (best near the end of the enemy route you should be ok!

However, that being said, if you do need help on the first five levels here are a few tips, you can also ask us a question via our answers page.

Early Level Tips

Use your crystals to upgrade your heros (heros tab) and while battling don't forget to level up your towers by tapping them during the battle. If you have collected enough coins, then you will see the upgrade option. However, please remember, there is always a level cap on the towers, on first level for example you cannot upgrade towers. But on the second and so on you can..

Once you have completed a few levels, check out the upgrades page to make upgrades to the towers that you place. Have a think about where you want to make the upgrades so they are not wasted on towers that you don't like to use.

The Quest Tab.Check that one out regularly too to collect any crystals that you may have earned for completing tasks in the game.

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