Empire Warriors TD

Level 15

Level 15
Empire Warriors TD Guide

Here are tips on how to complete Empire Warriors TD Level 15.

We've made a screen capture of our starting layout which is below. For this level we've decided to concentrate our firepower on the locations where the towers will be able to hit the most enemies. So for example, those towers that can hit more paths.

Level 15 Starting Layout
Level 15 Starting Layout

Pay attention to the hidden path at the top of the screen near the exit to the right, in later waves land based enemies will come from there, so make sure you final towers are maxed out!

Watch Out for the Enemies from the Hidden Top Path
Watch Out for the Enemies from the Hidden Top Path

With this setup, at the beginning of the round it is very important to utilise well your Heroes, they will take out loads of enemies especially with their special powers and melee abilities. If they die in battle, don't forget that they get restored a little while later.

Later in the level we start to max out more towers and use our favored free to play combination of Golem and Wizard Towers.

The final wave brings a boss via the top left path, you'll need to take that dude out as well as all of the other enemies for the three stars.

Level 15 Final Wave - Get the Boss
Level 15 Final Wave - Get the Boss

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