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Top Tips

Top Tips
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Here are some top tips that we discovered while playing the game:

1) Utilise your heroes well

These guys are so powerful so make sure that you deploy them in the correct places as and when needed. That generally means moving them around a lot.

2) Use your hero special power wisely

As the power takes time to recharge use your heroes special power at the right time is important. Sometimes you could even think about using two special powers at the same time, crushing jump and freeze for example.

3) Try to keep your heroes alive.

Although your heroes respawn after they die, the time it takes is longer than for your hero to recover it's lost energy and be ready for battle again.

4) On early waves call the next wave

For a good coin bonus remember to call the next wave as soon as the skull icon appears that way you will get a good coin bonus.

5) Slow the game down

When it gets complicated, remember to slow the game back to normal speed if you have previously made it go in speed-up mode.

6) Upgrade your towers

Usually you will find that upgraded towers in a good position will work better than lots of low power towers all over the map.

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