Empire Warriors TD

Level 6

Level 6
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Here is where it starts to get a bit more difficult. You are going to make sure your heros are at least level 3 or 4 and you have used the upgrades in the upgrade tab.

The strategy that I found worked for me was to just start with fewer towers, but have them as maxed as I could afford, check out this set up below which was done before the level started.

So this screenshot below just basically shows we have placed two militia huts at the top middle positions and one upgraded archer tower below those. From there we would upgrade the militia huts (choose Paladins) and then start placing one or tow more archer towers and upgrading them before adding more.

Level 6 - Starting Postion
Level 6 - Starting Postion

Don't forget to call the next waves as soon as possible (on the initial few waves only) to get more cash to upgrade and build towers.

Level 6 - More Towers
Level 6 - More Towers

Your heroes are vital on this and future levels so make sure you use their special powers wisely and position them to melee and fight where they are needed the most.

As you can see from the following screenshot we have placed more archer towers and upgraded them. As you get more cash, add more towers and upgrade them and you should get 3 stars!

Level 6 - Even More Towers - Upgrade Them!
Level 6 - Even More Towers - Upgrade Them!

Tip On this map in particular your heroes will be well placed in the center of the map near the Militia Towers.

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