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In this level, you need to make 5 x Striped + Striped combos to complete the level. That means that you only get points for the times that you swap a striped with another striped.

The trick to this level is not to over complicate it. There are only a few colors to choose from which theoretically make combos easier, but be careful of the cascade effect. Try to work from the top, make two striped candies close together, and get them next to each other.

When you make them, the striped candy will appear in the location on the row where the fourth candy was brought in, so be mindful of that while you are busy stripe-ing.
Also, since you don't need any other types of combos, try not to make any unnecessary wrapped candies or color bombs. There is a good chance that they will just end up exploding and ruining your day.

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