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Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks
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Tips and Tricks

You can instantly get life refills by changing the time or date on your device. This is done by selecting the General tab under Settings then choose Date and Time. Run the game again and you should see that your lives have been restored. However, make sure to revert to the correct Time and Date before playing, as the game will make you wait for a very long time between life refills if you don't

Tips and Tricks

Try to form combos of four or five candies to get special ones that work quite a bit differently (in a good and effective way of course) from regular candies:

  • A combo of four candies (can be vertical or horizontal) results in a candy that clears all the pieces in a column or row, as shown by the stripes on the candy.
  • An L-shaped combo of five candies results in an explosive piece that destroys candies in a small area when used in a combo. This candy will explode twice.
  • Tips and Tricks

  • A combo of five candies (can be vertical or horizontal) results in a color bomb that clears pieces in random directions, usually diagonals. This piece is best used in conjunction with other special candies to initiate a massive combo.
  • Switch special candies that are next to each other to trigger a more powerful effect. Two color bombs will create a combo that covers the whole screen.
  • Tips and Tricks

    Take advantage of the booster wheel (when you're online) to score free boosters.

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