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Just so we are clear from the start, Level 165 is almost a statistical impossibility.

In this Fill the Orders level, You are tasked with collecting 89 Blue candies in 60 moves. Which is a lot. But wait! You also get bombs and Chocolate!! Hooray!!

OK, so in order to complete this awful level, you are going to basically try all clear all of the candies about two or three times. Don't panic. Just think of it as one of those terrible levels where you have to keep making Wrapped and Striped Combos.

You should be able to complete it with a Striped/Color Bomb combo, a Wrapped/Striped Combo and as many stripes as you can make. Don't focus on the blue candies. you will never have enough moves. The same goes for color bombs. Using a color bomb to remove the blue candies will only have you struggling to clear the board to get more blues. If you have a color bomb and no hope of a striped for a combo, use the color bomb on the color candy that has the most candies on the board.

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