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Candy Crush Saga Cheats and Tips

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Is Sweet Cinema rigged? Four X to five prizes and yet I usually hit 2-3 X before a prize and the lollipop is always and I mean always the last prize.

Yes, it is set up so that no matter which order you pick the blocks and no matter how the prizes end up being arranged, the hammer will inevitably, always and without exception, be the last of the five prizes won.

Why am I not getting lives my friends say they are sending them had 68 they are all gone and none are coming, also had 8 gold bars won 15 should have 23 I only have 10?

Check which cookies are blocked for that site. "King" should be allowed. I somehow blocked that cookie and was having the same problem. Allowed it and everything is working properly.

My game candy crush saga has crashed twice. I’m on level 4994. When And if I get it back on I lose all that I have earned. Can you help me with this problem and why is it happening now?

Unfortunately we cannot help recover a game. You can check some tips on how to fix your game, but for direct help with your account you should contact the game developers.

I got a new phone. No booster videos. Why?

Check that you have an internet connection (data / wifi) while playing as you will need this to load the videos. You new device may also have restricted permission on the game.

What do the double arrows mean on the “continue” page?

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Got a sweet tooth?
Got a sweet tooth?
Developed by Limited, Candy Crush Saga is one of the most popular, highly addictive and more complex entry in the match-three style puzzle titles. Boasting hundreds ..Read full review
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