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This is one of those levels that requires you to "collect" the ingredients. This level is more challenging on account of the three separate playing grids. The candy spawns in the lower left hand grid, drops into the larger right hand grid as the corresponding row on the right is matched and finally dropped into the third box when rows are cleared in that final third box.

Does that even make sense? (Not really.)

So here's the deal. You need to get three pieces of fruit into that third box. What you are going to do is make as many striped or wrapped candies as possible in the second right hand side box towards the bottom. As you use up some moves, the remaining pieces of fruit will drop. When they are as close to the bottom of the right hand screen, make a few matches on the upper left screen to (hopefully) drop your fruit and your awesome combos into the third and final box and then down to the green arrows.

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