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Level 117 has a history of making Candy Crushers cry. It is the hardest "Drop the Ingredient" level so far, but it is no where near impossible.


First of all, reset the level until your first ingredient agrees to fall from one of the middle chutes. You can tap the red exit door from the options menu as long you have not made a move and click back into it. This will reset your level with a new and hopefully kinder array of candies.

So, once you pick a layout you are happy with, it's time to look at the board. The board is wider at the top than at the bottom, so getting an ingredient stuck on a shelf is tough to switch off, so the goal is to not let that happen.*

Once your ingredients start dropping, you will start making vertical striped candies in the middle three rows. Tons of them.

Moves: 40

* If you need to switch a stuck fruit, it needs to be surrounded by a specific arrangement of candies.
Scenario 1- Same color on the top and bottom of the fruit and the same color, one column to the right or left of the ingredient.
Scenario 2- Two of the same color candy stacked on top of one another on top of a fruit and one candy of the same as the other two to the left or right.

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