Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

Got a sweet tooth?

Developed by Limited, Candy Crush Saga is one of the most popular, highly addictive and more complex entry in the match-three style puzzle titles. Boasting hundreds of stages with a variety of objectives, this game scores highly in terms of longevity. In fact, most players may spend months playing this title and still be nowhere close to completing it.

Combos in this game are made by matching three or more of the same candy. Matching four or more produces special candies that have a variety of effects, whether used in tandem with regular candies or another special candy. The other game mode, Dreamscape becomes available after completing 50 levels in regular mode. This mode plays just like regular mode with the addition of Odus the Owl who you must pay attention to and make sure he does not fall down.

The game itself is free to download but be warned that it is rather heavy on in-game purchases including extra lives and power ups, which by the way can be a bit pricey. These come in sets though so there is some value there. If spending real cash is not your thing however, you can also get lives by logging in to your Facebook account. Extra lives are obtained by asking your Facebook friends while upgrades will come from spinning the Daily Booster Wheel, usable once per day.

The graphics for this game are great with stage pieces boasting vibrant colors and smooth rendering. The music is also quite well done and the good selection of available tracks keeps the tunes from becoming too repetitive.

Overall, Candy Crush Saga gets high marks for most key factors such as longevity, replay value, graphics and music. Although as previously mentioned, it is also heavy on in-game purchases, which may be a bit of a downer to some.
4.0 / 5.0
review by mogg1342 | Sep 24th 2014

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Review by GuestSep 3rd 2021
It's been great until lately I have not received my rewards.
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Review by GuestJul 9th 2021
I freeze when playing only this game not getting lives, going from fun to frustraiting
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Review by GuestFeb 27th 2021
Love it. Addictive! I’m sure there’s a ton more I need to learn.
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Review by GuestFeb 27th 2021
Love it! Addictive! I’m sure I’m missing details I should know...
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Review by GuestJan 23rd 2021
I like playing it. It’s challenging to me
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Review by GuestNov 28th 2020
I like it when I can play but that is not very long.
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Review by GuestJun 21st 2020
Love it and have had no problems?
This is the first time I noticed it
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Review by GuestOct 19th 2019
Very unhappy with it right now. All my friends & family I played with have disappeared. Only see progress for a bunch of icons now, rather than people I know. How do I get my friends & family back? I don’t like playing with icons. Miss seeing my family & friends progress.
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