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Call of Antia: Match 3 RPG

Call of Antia Review - Puzzles, Heroes, and Dragons

Call of Antia is a Match 3 puzzle game with fantasy elements included. As you explore the world of Antia, you’ll be able to summon a variety of Heroes as well as include Dragons in your team in order to get assistance for your skills. You’ll be able to progress through the game’s campaign mode, and improve upon your home base in order to get various benefits for your team. Play through different stages and solve puzzles in order to attack your opponents, the heroes on your team will determine the effectiveness of battle thanks to the skills that they have.

Even though Call of Antia is a Match 3 puzzle game, the heroes that you can include in your team can provide you with a variety of effects. Completing specific matches will help boost your hero’s mana depending on their element, and they can use a skill on your enemies. With this in mind, there are a lot of heroes that you can acquire, therefore there’s a gacha element in the game. Call of Antia is ad-free and it’s free to play, but you have the option to purchase from their in-game store. It’s possible to progress in the game without spending at all. If you decide to purchase on the different offers, you’ll be able to acquire heroes faster, as well get materials in order to make your heroes stronger faster.

When starting out, you’ll have set characters on hand and you’ll be going through the game’s campaign stages which contain match 3 puzzle elements. You will learn about the usage of skills, how matching Naya Stones provide you with attacks, as well as the usage of your Dragon. Each stage you complete will provide you up to 3 Star ratings which can be saved up in order to acquire free Gems through campaign goals. Even though it’s a puzzle game, there’s an auto mode available as well.

The campaign mode has a lot to offer with more than 20 chapters available, and each chapter has a lot of stages. This will mean that every stage that you complete will provide you with a higher challenge on the next one with increased difficulty. If you want to continue moving forward, you’ll either need to summon stronger heroes, and you’ll also have to invest on them by leveling them up, ascending them, and providing them with equipment.

Clearing stages will require you to use energy, and this is where things might slow down a bit. The energy requirement for stages, especially boss ones, are quite high. This can use up all of your energy within a short period, and you only get 1 free refill for energy each day. Once all of your energy is used up, a gem payment will be needed for replenishing it. Things might slow down in terms of progression once you reach Chapter 8 onward, since getting your heroes to become stronger will require farming of materials.

Legendary Heroes are hard to come by since they have a 2.0% drop rate. Their pity system provides 4-Star or 5-Star heroes depending on the banner, and you’ll have to summon a lot in order to get the 5-Star. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to progress in the game, since the 4-Star units are also strong, and they have a 15% pull rate. You will need to be careful though on which character you’ll be investing to, since heroes cannot be reset to get your materials back. There are also various heroes with different elements you’ll have to consider. Make sure that you’ll be focusing on your main team.

Call of Antia provides you with beautiful art for the various characters that you can acquire in the game. Once you’re able to match a lot of Naya Stones in the puzzle matches, your heroes will be able to use their own personal skills which have their own unique animations that are well made. Your home map that you can develop is simple as well, and you won’t be confused with the game’s interface.

The game features voice acting as well for the various characters, and it provides them with more personality. The different stages and locations in the game have decent music, but the sound effects from the attacks, skills, and heroes will be more prominent. The in-game settings can let you control the volume of the music and sound effects only, sadly there aren’t any voice packs for the characters.

You must take note that progression here will take a slow and steady pace, so it’s something that you can check in from time to time. Rushing in this game will only use up a lot of your energy, and there’s some grinding involved in terms of getting materials to make your heroes stronger. If you enjoy Match 3 Puzzles as well as fantasy themed settings, then Call of Antia is a great game to play.

- Review by Aryafortis (Appgamer Staff)
4.6 / 5.0
review by vhayste | Jan 12th 2022

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