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Call of Antia is a brand new type of match-3 RPG game. In this unique RPG game, the classic match-3 puzzle gameplay is mixed with battle, magic, and dragons as you fearlessly charge into the enemies. Are you ready? It's time to reveal the secrets of Antia!

·Thrilling Match-3 Gameplay
Engrossing and strategic battles.
A journey full of challenges and accomplishment!

·Build Your Shire
Build your kingdom land, train strong soldiers and become a real ruler!

·A Visual Marvel
Follow the adventure to witness majestic scenes, meet legendary figures from different factions, and unlock mysterious legends!

·Legendary Heroes
Collect over 50 epic heroes, level them up and upgrade their abilities.
Use different strategies and put forth your best heroes to fight the darkness.

·Ancient Dragons
Dragons, the secret weapon in battles, are your strongest allies to vanquish all your enemies!
Find legendary dragons and they will reveal the secrets buried in the world of Antia.

·Exciting Journey
You will encounter diverse and unique enemies!
A funny goblin bearing a huge treasure bag, an epic ogryn with two heads, sinister assassins, and even the headless horseman himself!
Countless bonuses are waiting for you!

·Online Battle
A variety of battle modes: Alliance Wars, 1v1 battle and Fallen Titans.
Experience real battles with your allies and fight for glory!

·Global Communication
Join an alliance to play with millions of players all over the world and collect great rewards!

·Tons of Events
Rich and various events that give you free items.
You can participate in multiple events at the same time. Find your allies and join those epic events!

The knights have waited for a hundred years, yet the mysterious Dragoneer remains a legend.

You, the chosen one, have been summoned to the fantastical land of Antia. Here you will meet more friends, recruit heroes, and unveil the secrets of this land during your journey.

The protectors are becoming forgotten, but the creator has not yet arrived. The Time Portal is damaged, and darkness is wreaking havoc.

When the Five Sages reignite the flames, the truth of the world will be revealed in the Time Portal.

In the wind is a cry for help only the chosen one can hear. Can you hear the Call of Antia?

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Familiarize yourself with the basics when starting the game
When starting out in Call of Antia, you’ll learn the different gameplay elements such as using a variety of heroes with their elements, dragons, and even the match 3 puzzle gameplay system. Completing the tutorial will also help you learn about the usage of mana and naya stones.

Completing the tutorial will let you progress forward and you can focus on the game’s campaign mode. As you finish these stages, you’ll receive items that can help you improve your home and get a variety of features. Play the campaign in order for you to get Tears of Nature and Tears of Ancestors which will provide you with 2-4 star Summons and 2-5 star summons. Getting heroes to your team is one of the main requirements for you to progress.

Make your heroes stronger
In order to move forward in the campaign, you’ll need to make your heroes stronger through various means. First, you will need to level them up in order to get increased stats. You can level up heroes using Gold or EXP Potions, and you can find these in the campaign stages.

Gold can be farmed as the following stages: 6-3, 10-3, 12-3, 14-3, 16-3, 18-3, 20-3, 22-3, 24-3 while EXP Potions can be farmed from the following stages: 5-3, 9-6, 11-5, 13-5, 15-5, 17-5, 19-5, 21-5, 23-5

There are level caps however once you have reached the following levels: 10, 30, 60, 90, 120, and 150 and in order to get past these caps, you’ll have to ascend them. This will require you to use Gold and Ascension materials which can be acquired from the shop as well as treasure chests. Make sure to check the shop often to see if there are any exchange you can make in order to get the items that you need.

Provide your Heroes with Weapons
Aside from leveling up your Heroes, one of the ways that you can make them stronger is to provide them with Weapons. Having a good weapon can dramatically increase the power of your heroes and it will help with clearing matches. Weapons can be forged with materials and you can level them up in the forge section of the game. You can also get weapon materials by exchanging them in the shop using weapon tokens, these tokens can be acquired from disassembling weapons.

In order to improve the weapons that you have, you’ll need Epic Forge Stones that can be used for 4-star weapons. These stones can be acquired from the following stages in the campaign: 8-4, 10-10, 12-10, 14-10, 16-10, 18-10, 20-10, 22-10, 24-10. You can also go to the Tower of Courage wherein completing floors 105 to 340 will provide you with some 5-star weapon shards every 5 levels.

Get your Dragons
Dragons are characters that will help you through your battles since they will provide you with bonuses. There are different dragons that you can acquire and each of them have skills that can help you in battle such as attacks and buffs. You’ll be able to get your first two dragons upon completing the first parts of the campaign.

In order to get your third dragon, you’ll have to complete the Thundor’s Arrival Quest. You can also acquire dragons through the use of shards just in case you weren’t able to complete this. The type of dragon that you use can greatly affect the outcome of a match, so make sure to read their skills.

Make your Dragons stronger
Aside from acquiring dragons and using their skills to aid you in battle, you can make your Dragons stronger by leveling them up and ascending them. Leveling up your Dragons is done through feeding them Raw Meat which can be acquired from quests.

Ascending on the other hand will require Dragon Crystals and Dragon Shards which can be purchased from the shop. Dragons are similar to your heroes since they can reach level caps and will need to be ascended in order to continue getting stronger.

Improve your House to get better Quests
You can send heroes out on quests in order for you to acquire materials and possible heroes. When starting out, you’ll have your house at level 1 which can provide you with basic quests. Improve your house to level 3 in order for you to get Hard quests since it provides the best rewards.

If you have leveled your house to level 4, you’ll be able to send heroes in order to do up to 3 quests at once. The materials that you can get can help your team become stronger as well, so do not skip on the house upgrades.

Familiarize yourself with the Elemental advantages
Each hero that you can acquire in the game can have a specific element assigned to them. As such, you’ll have to know the elemental advantages. If you are using a stronger element, then you’ll deal 200% more damage while using a weaker element will only make you do 50% damage.

There are 5 elements in Call of Antia. Nature is strong versus Water, Fire is strong versus Nature, Water is strong versus Fire, Light and Dark are strong against each other, but weak against themselves. You’ll want to have heroes of each elemental type at least in order to provide you with a variety of coverage options versus your opponents.

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