brain : code - the hardest puzzle

Levels 11-20

brain : code - the hardest puzzle
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Levels 11-20
brain : code - the hardest puzzle Guide

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If you have complete levels 1-10 in Brain: code then we now move on to the next 10 levels. Remember that all the solutions will involve typing one or more of the game commands or using the phone sensors.

Level 11
The outline of a map.
Levels 11-20

This is upside down but easily recognizable. The map is of Italy.

Use the command: /text:Italy

Level 12
Clue: Repair the Keyboard. The games keyboard is missing some letter keys.
Levels 11-20

Optional: You can type the command /rotate:180. The word “ASCII” will appear as a int to how to replace the letters.
To replace the letters enter their ASCII codes. Use the following commands:
/text:119 for w
/text:105 for i
/text:115 for s
/text:100 for d
/text:103 for g
/text:107 for k
/text:118 for v

Level 13
Level 13 is skipped, the game goes straight to 14
You can reload this level though to see the message below.
Levels 11-20

Level 14
The text red + blue is shown, with blue on a yellow background.
Levels 11-20

We combine Red + blue and also + yellow. These colours mixed give us “brown”
Use command: /text:brown

Level 15
A mathematical grid with a large empty box and 4 smaller boxes, r1-4
Levels 11-20

Hint: You need to move all four small boxes into the big box.
To move the boxes use the /select command to select them and then the /move command.
Use commands: (for example)
/select:r1, /move: -150,25
/select:r2, /move: 75,175
/select:r3, /move: -75,125
/select:r4, /move: 75,-150

Level 16
Night level
Levels 11-20

Hint: this level can only be completed at night. It is is not the right time for you then change your device time to between 10 pm – 5 am.

If you are on the white theme then first use command: /theme:black
An image will be shown of a constellation with seven stars. This is Ursa major
Levels 11-20
Use the command: /text:ursa major.

Level 17
The screen shows a set of coordinates
Levels 11-20

Hint: use an online tool to find this location on a map. The location is in Ohio, USA.

View the location in satellite mode to see the shape of the landmark at this location.
Use the command /text:heart

Level 18
An image with 4 circles on the screen.
Levels 11-20

Use the command /anim:start to begin. The circles will disappear.
To get the circles back you need to hold your device in the right ways.
First hold it upside down. 1 ball will fix to the top edge. Next hold it with the left side down. Then with the right side down and finally the right way up again. Once all 4 circle return the level completes.

Level 19
An image with 3 fruits and a basket
Levels 11-20

Move the fruit to the basket.
Use commands:
/select:apple followed by /move:170,-200
/select:banana followed by /move:0,-200
/select:pineapple followed by /move 170,0

Level 20
How many levels left?

You can use the /info command as prompted to confirm the current level.

There are currently 40 levels in the game so there are 20 levels left. Use command /text:20. If more levels have been added then you may need to change this.

You can now move on to level 21-30. If you have any questions for brain: code then please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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