brain : code - the hardest puzzle

Levels 21-30

brain : code - the hardest puzzle
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Levels 21-30
brain : code - the hardest puzzle Guide

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If you have completed Levels 11-20 in Brain: code then we now move on to the next 10 levels. Remember that all the solutions will involve typing one or more of the game commands or using the phone sensors.

Level 21
5 binary number system rabbits.
Levels 21-30

The binary code for 5 is 101
Use the command /text:101

Level 22
Show Magic
Levels 21-30

Hint: a popular magic trick is to pull a rabbit out of a hat.

Use command /select:rabbit
Then command /move:0,200 (for example)

Level 23
Two way road.
Levels 21-30

There is a path on the screen between 2 lines.
Split this path into 2 with some text using dashes
Use the command: /text:

Level 24
Show the airplane
Levels 21-30

Turn on airplane mode on your device. A plane will appear.

Level 25
A QR code.
Levels 21-30

The previous tip explains that you may need help from a friend for some puzzles. You can do this yourself though.

Solution: You need to scan the qr code with your device so you can take a screenshot and send it to another device, or take a photo of your screen with another device (or use the one above).
Use command: /scan (you may need to give permission for this)
Scan the QR image.

Level 26
4 more sets of coordinates
Levels 21-30

Each set of global coordinates will take you to a map location in Australia. At each location is a landmark with a shape.

The 4 shapes resemble letters A C D C
Use command /text:acdc

Level 27
Find the answer on my website
Levels 21-30

The website is

Check the source for the web page at that url to find
-- Level 27:
Use the commands: /rotate:90, /move:20,20, /rotate:45, /move:0,55.

Level 28
The clue is: vla soxv ilyh
There are also icons of the Colosseum and a laurel wreath.
Levels 21-30

Hint: the icon clues tell us this is about Caesar
The text clue is encoded with a Caesar cipher. We need to decode this. shift the letters by 3 characters to reveal the answer
-> six plus five
Use the command /text:11

Level 29
What Level was skipped?
Levels 21-30

Use commands: /text:13

But Why?
Use command: /text:too lazy (or just 'lazy')

Level 30
A white circle on a black screen
Levels 21-30

Start the level with the command: /anim:start
You will see a black dot on the screen also. rotate and angle your device to move the black dot into the white one and hold it there until the screen clears.

You can now move on to level 31-40. If you have any questions for brain: code then please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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