brain : code - the hardest puzzle

brain : code - the hardest puzzle

Version: 1.0.6 | In-Game Purchases

Are you ready for something interesting?
-If no, this logic game is not for you.

Are you still here?
-Great! Your brain : code game is started.*

brain : code is a game with 30 unique puzzles.
Why only 30 puzzles? Sounds easy? - Only 10% of you will complete all of them.
(By the way +20 more puzzles are coming soon)

What about gameplay?
Yes, this is the most interesting part.
You need to control gaming process and solve puzzles using commands.
You can interact with views(move, rotate) and control in-game animations.
At your disposal will be 15 commands.(ex: /text,
/rotate, /move, etc. )
To solve all puzzles you need to use all of this commands.

• Each command should start from slash.
Example: /menu
• Commands, which have parameters, should have colon after command name.
Example: /rotate:90
• To run command hit run! button. You can run only one command at once.

No ads during gaming process. At all. You can watch ad only if you want to get a hint.

brain : code is a hard game. Don't give up if you can't complete some puzzles. Just ask for help in comments😃

---- A problem has been detected and description has been shut down
---- If this is the first time you've seen this error, just skip it.
---- If you reading description again, this information can be useful for you.
---- Technical information:
---- STOP 0x000LVL09 (Bad level checksum)
---- REASON [email protected]!#%*(!):+=%
---- Beginning dump of description.
---- Description dump complete.
---- Contact our technical support group in comments for further assistance.

*part of game puzzle is in the description.
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