brain : code - the hardest puzzle

Levels 1-10

brain : code - the hardest puzzle
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Levels 1-10
brain : code - the hardest puzzle Guide

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Following the introduction to the game you will start the main puzzles. These are the solutions to the first 10 levels. Remember that all the solutions will involve typing one or more of the game commands.

Level 1
The screen will show the word 'six' and below it the number '9'.
Hint: the number is a 6 upside down.
Levels 1-10

Use Command: /rotate:180
This will rotate the 9 by 180 degrees to make it 6.

Level 2
A bird in a white cage on a black background.
Levels 1-10

Use command: /theme:white
This will return the theme to white, making the cage disappear.

Level 3
The statement has an animated word that changes.
Levels 1-10

Use command: /anim:stop
You should stop the animation to set the statement to the word complete.

Level 4
2 rotating wheels that are designated as 2 areas of the screen. Each can be selected and controlled. The wheels have numbers to form an equation.
Levels 1-10

The wheels need to be stopped and the equation needs to be correct to complete the level.
To select the 1st wheel use command: /select:c1.
Then stop wheel 1 with the command: /anim:stop. Set it to '1'

Select the 2nd wheel with command: /select:c2.
Then top wheel 2 with command: /anim:stop. Set it to '2'

This give you 1+ 7 = 10 - 2
If you mistime the stop commands then use /anim:start and /anim:stop to change the wheel position.

Level 5
A set of 4 words with something in common.
Levels 1-10

The words are all palindromes.
Use the command: /text:palindrome

Level 6
A black dot and a circle that don't move.
Levels 1-10

We need to start the animation, use the command: /anim:start
The black dot will move and is now tied to the gyroscope sensor in your device. move the device to place the dot back in the circle, then hold it there to complete this level.

Level 7
A simple clue. Need mooooooooooore space.
Levels 1-10

Use the command /text: (then enter lost of black space. tap the space bar several times) Then tap run. If it doesn't complete then try more spaces.

Level 8
Clue, text with the word angle written 3 times in different ways.
Levels 1-10

The clue has three angles, this is a triangle
Use the command: /text:triangle

Level 9
A curious code cipher with symbol / letter combinations.
Levels 1-10

There is a clue for this in the game description on the app store / google play
---- STOP 0x000LVL09 (Bad level checksum)
---- REASON [email protected]!#%*(!):+=%
The REASON code can be translated with the cipher.

Use command /text:ilikethisgame

Level 10
An animation of a small body rotating around a large one.
Levels 1-10

Hint: This is a representation of the Moon and the Earth

Find the distance between the moon and the Earth. This is 384400 km.
Use the command - /text:384400

You can now move on to level 11-20. If you have any questions for brain: code then please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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