brain : code - the hardest puzzle

Levels 41-50

brain : code - the hardest puzzle
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Levels 41-50
brain : code - the hardest puzzle Guide

If you have completed Levels 31-40 in Brain: code then we now move on to the next 10 levels. Remember that all the solutions will involve typing one or more of the game commands or using the phone sensors.

Level 41
Hint: Charge the level
If you do no't see a 0% indicator on the screen then connect your phone to a charger. This will show as below
Levels 41-50

Command: /anim: start

Once it reaches 33% the cable in the animation will break and the charging will stop. To restart it use:
Command: /anim: start
Wait for the charge to fill to 100%

Level 42
Hint: Polyglot - thirty-three
Levels 41-50
Polyglot means 'knowing or using several languages'.

Change the in-game language
Command: /menu then click the Language: en in the menu to change the language once.
Return to the level to see the next hint on the screen 'menos' = Minus
Repeat this step again (change language) : Eins = One
The languages may differ for you. But will result in the same answer
The clues are then: Thirty-Three minus One
Command: /text: 32

Level 43
Hint: What will grow?
There is a shoot of a plant growing but we need to see what it will become.
Levels 41-50

Change date of your phone to the future, This is usually int he settings under system / date and time. Recommended at least 10 years ahead. Once done come back to level again and see what is growing on the tree.
Levels 41-50Show
Command: /text: mango

Level 44
Levels 41-50
This is similar to a previous level where you need to stop the spinning wheels to complete the equation correctly. However the initial setup means it cannot be solved as it is.

Solution: To make the equation work you need to swap the wheels.
Command: /select: c1 then command /move: 400,0
Command: /select: c2 then command /move: -400,0
(if 400 is too far or too short on your device screen then adjust as needed)

Now both circles are interchanged select and stop each wheel at the right place to make the following:
/select: c2 => /anim: stop (when the wheel is on 4)
/select: c1 => /anim: stop (when the wheel is on 1)

Level 45
Hint: What was the answer on the first question?
Levels 41-50

The first question as asked to you before the levels started.
Command: /text: yes

Level 46
Hint: Everybody makes mistakes
Levels 41-50

To complete this you need to make mistakes. Enter random commands and check the error message to get clues (a word will be shown at the end).

Levels 41-50

There are 7 words to see, after 7 errors you will have the full clue.
‘use rotate command angle is level number’
Command: /rotate: 46

Level 47
Hint: - . - .
Levels 41-50

This is a snippet of Morse code
Use: /anim: start to print out the full Morse code.

This gives: - . -. .--. .-.. ..- ... -. .. -. . -- .. -. ..- ... . .. --. .... -

If you do not know Morse code then you can use a translator to get the text:
Command: /text:11

Level 48
Hint: 4 global coordinates.
Levels 41-50

Use an online map to view these locations and look for symbols.
40.457415, 93.370107 -
33.747252, -112.633853 -
55.906331, -2.655323 -
40.327222, 17.826111 -
These 4 coordinates when searched on google maps gives 4 symbols as a clue.

The 4 symbols are square, triangle, circle and X. These are buttons from a Playstation controller.

Command: /text: Playstation

Level 49
Hint: Win the mini game
Levels 41-50

Click on the button in the center bottom. This will open your camera and place a tic-tac-toe game board on the screen. To pick a square you need to have your face in the square and smile.

Once you manage to win the level completes.

Level 50
Hint: Look from a different angle.
Levels 41-50

The way to do this is to hold the phone above your head so that the screen is pointing down.
You will see a message appear: polaroid

Now use command /rotate: 90 to change the rotation (polarisation) The message will now also include the words Complete level.
Tap this message to pass the level.
Levels 41-50

That is the end of the game for now but 10 more levels are coming soon. If you have any questions for brain: code then please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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