brain : code - the hardest puzzle

Levels 31-40

brain : code - the hardest puzzle
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Levels 31-40
brain : code - the hardest puzzle Guide

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If you have completed Levels 21-30 in Brain: code then we now move on to the next 10 levels. Remember that all the solutions will involve typing one or more of the game commands or using the phone sensors.

Level 31
Break the keyboard
Levels 31-40

Hint: the keyboard has been broken before, do you remember which level

The keyboard was broken in level 12. Change the level by using command: /level:12
Change the level back with command: /level:31
This will complete the level

Level 32
Clue: See you next time
Levels 31-40

Hint: The game wants to take a break

Close the app and then reopen it. You will now see the message: 'not this time'
Close and open it again for the next message and then one more time. (close and open 3 times in total)

You will now see the message: 'don't believe what is written'
Levels 31-40

Hint: I want to believe

Remove the word "don't".
Command: /select:don't
Command: /move: 400,0 (or similar to take it off the screen)

Level 33
Clue: 3 sets of coordinates in a triangle on the screen
Levels 31-40

Hint: check the coordinates on a world map. You will find they form a triangle from Florida, to Bermuda to Puerto Rico

This is the infamous Bermuda triangle
Command: /text:bermuda triangle

Level 34
A sum: 5 + 5 = 25
Levels 31-40

Hint: The sum is wrong but we can make it right.

Command: /select:+
Command: /rotate:45
Now the sum is 5 x 5 = 25

Level 35
Clue: i overcame lazyness
Levels 31-40

Hint: The developer was lazy before and skipped a level.

Return to the skipped level.
Command: /level:13
A new clue: 13:13 1970
Levels 31-40

Apollo 13 launched in April 1970 and had its accident on the 13th.
Command: /text:apollo
You will now see an image of Apollo 13 rocket launch pad.
Launch the rockets with command /anim:start
This completes level 13 and also 35

Level 36
Clue: Milkshake
On the screen is a glass, come milk and a strawberry.
Levels 31-40

Select and move the 2 items to the glass.
Command: /select:milk
Command: /move:100,-100
Command: /select:strawberry
Command: /move:-100,-100

Levels 31-40

Now that the items are combined you need to shake your device. Shake it until the items mix and then shake it some more until the level completes.

Level 37
Clue: you need my help
Levels 31-40

open the game help
Command: /help

New clue: okay, now touch the dot with 11 fingers
So this can't be done, even if you have 11 fingers.
Levels 31-40

Start an animation
Command: /anim:start
The 11 will alternate with a 1.

Use Command /anim:stop to top the animation when the 1 is in view

Now tap the dot with 1 finger.... ok that didn't work either.
It's not the dot .. touch the word 'dot'.

Level 38
Clue: just enter what you need
Levels 31-40

You need to complete the level
Command: /text:level completed (or level 38 completed)

Level 39
Clue: find all exit buttons
Levels 31-40

Hint: there are many ways to exit from this screen

exit 1: press the back button at the bottom of the screen
exit 2: tap the word exit in the text
exit 3: command /menu top open the menu then press the X in the top left. You will return to the level and there will still be an X in the top left, tap this again.
exit 4: command /scan top open the camera view, then close it with the X in the lower left. You will return to the level and there will still be an X in the lower left., tap this again.

Level 40
Clue: Have you carefully read all the hints between the levels?
Levels 31-40

You can reply yes or no
Command: /text:yes
(no will get you a sad face icon)

Tap the icon that appears to open a camera view of your face. This will track your face for orientation.
The screen will go black and you must adjust the angle of the device to move a white circle around and locate number buttons on the screen.
Levels 31-40

Find and tap the buttons in the following order.

You can now move on to levels 41-50. If you have any questions for brain: code then please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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