Blood & Glory: Immortals

Blood & Glory: Immortals

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Blood & Glory: Immortals is the newest member of the Blood & Glory series from developer Glu and it could not be more different from its predecessors. Immortals features an entirely revamped hack'n slash fighting style with a new emphasis on level exploration and an RPG feel.

This game is a pretty spot-on example of a "freemium" game. It costs nothing to download, but the limiting resource in this game, interestingly, is "Health Potion." Health Potions cost Gems- in-game currency purchased with cash- and both are in short supply. There are ads sprinkled throughout, but the good news is that watching them can score you a prize or two.

The gameplay is similar to Taichi Panda ( reviewed here). Your first task is to select a character from three classes- Warlock, Barbarian or Gladiator. The male characters- Warlock and Gladiator- are both brawlers, while the female Barbarian's main attack is a distance type. There is a brief tutorial and then you are released onto the town map to pillage and destroy to your heart's content. Completing a level will grant you some prizes- usually some combination of experience points, Tribute Tokens, Coins, Gems or Armor. Gameplay is extended by the need to repeat levels several times over to gain EXP and useless gear to use as "Fusion" materials- the game's term for a basic item upgrade. Besides a basic upgrade, every weapon or equipment can be "Evolved" which increases the item's effectiveness and special attribute. Evolution is achieved by incorporating a certain number and type of "Reagents" into the desired item. Collecting these reagents is a tedious process, but don't worry. Every level is replayable and offers different loot every time. That is a good thing, too, since the game expects your strength to increase exponentially between levels and grinding is the only way to earn precious EXP in the beginning.

The game is graphically pretty good. Some scenes are better than others, but overall, the characters are detailed, the backgrounds are enticing and some of the enemies are almost foreboding. The music is more of an afterthought to the over-the-top battle SFX. But, on a positive note, there are plenty of gratifying squish and thud noises as your enemies fall into piles at your feet.

Over all, the game is good. As a gamer with a preference for ranged weapons, I enjoy the ability to have one. The grinding is repetitive, especially since Health Potions are clearly meant to be saved for a desperate emergency. I really enjoy not being penalized for repeating a level with finite chances in a given time period. The levels are quick, the online community is friendly and the game is free, unless you don't need it to be.

We gave the game a 4 out of 5, for being an overall solid game but it lost one star for blatantly cashing in on human impatience and for the lowest Gem package costing $4.99.
4.0 / 5.0
review by CheerfulStar (Mallary) | Mar 12th 2015

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