Blood & Glory: Immortals

Guild and Events FAQs

Guild and Events FAQs
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Where do I put These purple Tribute Tokens?

Go into the Guild tab from the main menu and go to Tribute and spend away. Saving them does no good, so use them! You will receive prizes based on the level of the Guild you belong to. Selecting the "i" icon next to the Guild level will provide a handy chart detailing how much everyone has donated to the Guild.

How does a Guild Level Up?

A Guild will level up as the lovely Guild members donate relics or cold hard coins. A Guild gets better prizes in exchange for their tributes at higher levels and can invite more and more members as the level goes up.

What is an Event?

If you are just starting out in Immortals, there is a chance that you joined during a time when no Event was happening. An Event is advertised on the bottom of your Town (Main) Screen and is relatively difficult to miss. It is broken up into tiers and you will participate according to your Gear Score. Events will have you fighting a hoard of enemies with a specific one being the target enemy. Killing this target enemy wins you VP and earning VP will win you prizes on a tier.

How does all of this help me with Events?

Events are the only way in game of winning VP. The total VP of all guild members is tallied and the winning Guilds get extra awesome prizes.

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