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Sockets, Fusion and Evolution

Sockets, Fusion and Evolution
Blood & Glory: Immortals Guide

Every equippable item can be upgraded through a process of Fusion and Evolution.

Fusion- this step is the process of adding useless weapons and armor to an awesome weapon to increase its fusion level. Adding these useless weapons will increase the target item's Fusion level. Once the item is fully fused, it must be Evolved before it can be fused again.
Fusion costs coins. A lot of coins.

Evolution- This is the step in the upgrading process where you use up all of those weird vials of Blood and Tears that you keep finding. Evolution can only be preformed after an item has been completely fused.

Evolution depends on the collection of certain quantities of Reagents. Reagents are found in game and from chests.

An item that has been evolved previously will use different reagents than one that has never been evolved.

Once reagents have been used to evolve a weapon or armor, the item gets a stat boost and a star over the weapon's name.

This star is NOT transferable through Fusion to a different item if a better version of the Evolved weapon is picked up, so try to save your reagents for Blue and Purple weapons.

Throughout the game, you will find yourself collecting "Spirits."
Spirits are classified as Lesser (Grey), Common (Green), and Uncommon (Purple).

Spirits will either contribute to either elemental damage or resistance.
Damage Spirits are Triangle shaped, while Resistance Spirits are Diamond shaped.

Weapons can only be equipped with "Damage" spirits and Armor can be only equipped with "Resistance" Spirits.

The rarer the Spirit, the greater the Damage/Resistance.
Lesser- 2.5%
Common- 4%
Uncommon- 6%

Equipping a Spirit requires a Socket, which requires a Drill item and those are tough to come by in the early game. A socket can be purchased for 50 Gems. (That is around $2.50 in real money, by the way.) Once a Socket is drilled and a Spirit inserted, it costs 20 Gems to remove.

Spirits can be combined into a higher quality Spirit. It takes 10 identical Lesser Spirits or 8 identical Common Spirits to combine.

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