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Gear Score

Gear Score
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Gear Score or GS is a numerical value that gives you a general idea of how tough your character is. The number is the total points contributed by each of the character's equipped items.

Each equippable item has a base gear score. This score is higher for items that require higher levels for equipping as well as higher the rarer the item.

General Idea of Base Gear Scores
- White: 10-35
- Green: 35-45
- Blue : 45-70
- Purple : 55-100
- Gold : 100+

Each item's GS will increase as the item is upgraded through Fusion or Evolution.

The base Gear Score + the Gear Score earned from item upgrading can be found in the inventory by selecting that piece of equipment.

The Base GS will be shown in white, while the additional GS will be displayed in orange and will be inside parentheses.

An item can only be upgraded to its max GS limit. This number is shown under the base GS level. Once the max is reached, upgrading will not affect the Gear Score of the item.

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