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Weapons Basics

Weapons Basics
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All weapons and armor are color coded according to their rarity.

Colors and Meanings:
Grey: Common
Green: Uncommon
Blue : Rare
Purple : Epic
Gold : Legendary

Most weapon/armor drop in game are Grey or Green. These item will be used for item Fusion (upgrading.)

Equipping items of rarer quality increases your defense, attack and Gear Score.

Equipping two or more items of the some weapon lines (ex. Dominia) will have an added effect on your character. These may not be your best weapons or armor, but the boost might be worth it.

Weapons and Armor can be found in a drop or won from Chests.

All pieces of Armor have a minimum level required to equip the item. If the item has a Red X in the upper corner, that signifies the item is unequippable. Selecting that will display the level required to equip.

All new armor and weapons are automatically added to your inventory.

Weapons and armor that are stronger than those you already possess will be displayed with a green triangle and a number. This number will indicate how much your Gear Score will increase if the item is equipped.

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