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Beginner's Guide

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Artery Gear Fusion is a gacha mobile game featuring equally badass and attractive mech girls in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by murderous Puppets. If you’re a veteran gacha player, then you’ll immediately be familiar with the recurring mechanics and features shared by other gacha titles. If you’re a new player, then this article is for you. In our Beginner’s Guide, we will provide the necessary tips and pointers to help new players get started in the game.

Use the free 10-pull wisely

Clear a few tutorial battles until you gain access to the Beginner Infinite Recruitment banner. This recruitment banner allows you to perform a x10 recruitment for free, with a guaranteed 5-star unit. You can keep re-rolling in this banner until you’re satisfied with the results. If you don’t have any particular preference and just want to get powerful units early on, you can consider the popular choices below. To get more details about these units, please check out our dedicated tier list, featuring the characters below.

SS Tier: Ginga, Shyura, Sirius, Alice

S Tier: Hearin, Milvus, Ruri, Quinn,

A Tier: Ghost, Senba, Grace, Tony, Kagari

Special Mentions: Roko, Corax, Phantom

Beginner's Guide

Focus on the Main Story early on

Focus on progressing through the main story first since most of the features are tied to your progress in the story. You should at least clear story Stage 6. On top of unlocking features, they’re also a good source of money, forging crystals, equipment, etc. Tactical Support units are also unlocked with main story progression, giving you additional tactical advantage in battles.

Complete your Daily Missions

Gacha games have content that gets refreshed every day and every week. You’ll be able to clear tasks by simply playing the game so don’t forget to claim these rewards especially if you’re playing daily. You can get valuable rewards like energy, star up units, upgrade materials, money and more. Also, if there are active limited events during the time you’re playing, some tasks will also coincide with certain event-only tasks, allowing you to collect even more rewards.

Beginner's Guide

Claim Daily Rewards and Supplies

You’ll be able to collect rewards daily, after the game’s daily reset in the form of the Monthly Login system that awards players with various items like backup energy, cat orbs, decoder chips, upgrade materials, and more by simply logging in. There is also a Free Energy Supply Box that you can collect from the Supplies shop.

Daily Material Farming

Once you have unlocked the Battle menu, you’ll gain access to various battle modes where you can farm for various keys, equipment, and upgrade materials that you can use on your AGs. These farming stages cost energy but they can be repeated. Some of these stages like Mutation Waypoint and Lava Rift get reset after a while but you’ll automatically obtain rewards based on your current progress and you’ll start off again where you left off. The Daily Resource stages Cat Orb and Bounty Mission have extra rewards daily but you can still clear these stages but at a lower reward amount.

Beginner's Guide

Collect your Fleet Resources

Your fleet acts like your army’s base of operations. The mothership is where your AGs hang out, giving you a chance to interact with them and give gifts to your favorite AGs. The other ships handle idle production of resources like money and cat orbs, as well as expedition dispatches. Always collect these resources regularly since production will stop once the resources reach the support ships’ storage limit. You can conveniently collect all resources from the Fleet screen by tapping Collect All in the lower-right corner.

Beginner's Guide

Gear Supply Free Refreshes

The Supply Shop’s Gear Supply tab is where you can purchase random gear using in-game money, including 5-star gear with gold affixes (stats). Keep refreshing the Gear Supply’s inventory daily for a chance to buy rare gear with gold affixes. You can refresh the shop’s list up to 20 times daily. For each refresh, you’ll get a Free Refresh progression. Once that progression reaches 100%, the next refresh will feature gold-rarity equipment with gold affixes. These are the equipment that you should purchase since they’ll have better stats.

Beginner's Guide

Equipment Sets and Ideal Gears

You have to be aware of the type of gear that you should give to your AGs. This will usually revolve around their skill set. For example, defensive/tank AGs usually have skills that have multipliers that scales off DEF so giving them gear that boosts their DEF is ideal. On the other hand, some gear combinations also activate Set Effects. These effects are activated whenever you collect any 2 or 4 pieces of gear belonging to the same set. Using the example above, equipping 2 pieces belonging to the DEF set will provide additional 15% DEF.

Beginner's Guide

Sometimes, you’ll need to apply other equipment sets to take advantage of the AG’s kit. One good example is Tony (Hammer Bunny). Her skills revolve around stunning enemies, applying debuffs, and activating bonus turns so a SPD set is ideal so she can act first and stun enemies. While she won’t be able to deal massive damage on her own, her abilities will open up opportunities for your other units to take advantage of. That said, always read an AG’s skill set before deciding what gear to give them.

Use Duplicates for Upgrade and Rank Up

When you obtain a duplicate copy of an AG, you can use that as an upgrade material instead of using the copy as a rank up material. This will add EXP and increase the rank of the AG at the same time. For 4* and 5* AGs, you’ll need to unlock the duplicate copies first before you can use them as fodder.

Don’t retire basic units

When you retire basic units, you’ll only get a small amount of money. That’s why they're better used as materials for increasing the stars of your star-up your 3-star fodder units including Ahlfors or 3-star AGs. Even if you use them as upgrade fodder, the amount of EXP you’ll get from them is so small that you’re still better off feeding your AGs with cat orbs.

Learn the “core triangle”

Each AG has a corresponding core color code that allows them to deal more damage or receive lesser damage depending on their target’s core color. (Red/Molten, Thunder/Blue, Green/Crystal) This “core triangle” can determine the squad’s composition and even affect the flow of battle. Here’s a quick overview of the core triangle:

* Red > Green

* Green > Blue

* Blue > Red

For example, if you’re facing a red boss, then bringing a squad of four blue units will be ideal. At the same time, this damage advantage is mostly utilized by damage-dealing units. Support and defensive units can also take advantage of the damage reduction effects of the core triangle if they’re facing the unit colors they’re strong against.

Beginner's Guide

Participate in Events

Events usually provide limited event currency by clearing event stages or completing event-related missions/tasks. This event currency can then be exchanged for valuable rewards like new characters, rank-up materials for the free character, forging crystals, upgrade materials, and more. Earlier stages are newbie friendly and once you have a respectably-powered party, you can try clearing the harder stages to gain more event currency and exchange for more event rewards.

Beginner's Guide

AG Direct Hiring

This tab is hidden in the Supply Shop. This tab allows you to exchange Regular Recruitment Orders to recruit the featured 5-star or 4-star character. The featured AGs get refreshed after a certain period. You can even recruit high-tier characters from this option! 5-star AGs require 200 RROs while 4-star AGs require 80 RRO. One Regular Recruitment Order is obtained for every Regular Recruitment pull. On the other hand, unused Event and Elite Recruit orders are converted to RROs in a 1:1 ratio.

Beginner's Guide

Best value for a Low Spender

If you have some cash to spare and if you think you’ll be playing the game for a while, it’s highly recommended to get the Prime Membership for $4.99. You’ll get 540 forging crystals upon purchase, then you’ll receive 60 Energy and 100 forging crystals daily for 30 days. That’s a total of 1800 energy and 3000 crystals for a month!

Beginner's Guide

This concludes our Beginner’s Guide for Artery Gear Fusion. For more Artery Gear Fusion content, please check out our online guide and related articles.

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