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AG Stats Guide

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Artery Gear Fusion is a gacha mobile game featuring equally badass and attractive mech girls in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by murderous Puppets. Like other RPG games, attributes and stats play a great role in defining the strength and effectiveness of characters, equipment, and even enemies. In our AG Stats Guide, we will discuss the different stats you can find in the game.

Stat values can be improved or affected by several factors, like leveling up AGs, individual stat values of equipped gear, bonus stats from gear sets, increasing their Data Chain (Awakening), and upgrading their Technology level. An AGs stats contribute to her own Efficiency (combat power), and each AG’s efficiency contributes to the squad’s overall efficiency.
AG Stats Guide

Take note that some skills scale off certain stats as well. You can see this by tapping the AG’s skill icon. The details about stat scaling for that skill will be mentioned in the description. As a general tip, it’s always a good idea to increase the stats of an AG that’s being scaled off by her skill(s).
Determines the amount of damage a unit inflicts on a target. However, the actual damage value will fluctuate depending on the effects of buffs, debuffs, or damage bonus/ reduction because of the Core (color) triangle.
When attacked, DEF reduces the amount of damage taken by the unit. The actual damage received will depend if the skill has the effect that ignores a portion of the DEF value, buffs, debuffs, or damage bonus/ reduction because of the Core (color) triangle.
The amount of damage a unit takes will be deducted to its HP value. Once it reaches 0, the unit is incapacitated and removed from battle. HP can be restored mid-battle through the effects of the AG’s own skills or with the help of Repair AGs.
At the start and at the end of the turn, all unit’s Action Bar will increase based on their respective SPD attribute. This helps determine the action order of the combatants. Some skill effects can either boost or delay the Action Bar.
Whenever a unit uses an attack skill, the Critical Chance attribute is used to determine if the attack will be a critical hit or not.
Critical Damage
If ever a Critical Hit does occur, this stat determines the amount of extra damage dealt to the target.
Status ACC (Accuracy)
This stat determines the success rate of applying status effects or debuffs on the target.
Status Resistance
This stat increases a unit’s resistance against negative status effects or debuffs applied by the enemy.
Support Attack
When other AGs or robotic soldiers perform a basic attack, an allied unit’s Support Attack attribute will determine whether the unit will follow up with a basic attack. The support attack rate for every unit is capped at 20%

This concludes our AG Stats Guide for Artery Gear Fusion. For more Artery Gear Fusion content, please check out our online guide and related articles.

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