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AG Types Guide

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Artery Gear Fusion is a gacha mobile game featuring equally badass and attractive mech girls in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by murderous Puppets. AGs fall into different types or classes, which determines their effectiveness and suitability in different combat scenarios. In our AG Type Guide, we will discuss the different AG types and their ideal roles in a squad.

AG Types can be considered as classes or jobs in the game. There are five different AG Types in the game as follows: Assault, Balanced, Tactical, Repair, and Defense. You can find an AG’s type icon in the top-left corner of the AG’s portraits when you’re in the AG (Character) Menu. Usually, the AG’s skill sets determine their effective role in the squad, which can be further complemented by giving them the proper equipment sets. These types are permanent features of the characters and can’t be changed.

AG Types Guide


Assault-type AGs are the DPS units in the game. Their skills are heavily focused in dealing as much damage against single targets or mobs of enemies. Their preferred equipment is geared towards further boosting their ATK, Critical Hit, Critical Damage, and sometimes even Speed.

Top Molten Assault AGs: Milvus, Shyura, Nina,

Top Thunder Assault AGs: Ginga, Shinobu, Ghost, Grace, Ruri, Chihaya

Top Crystal Assault AGs: Sirius, Senba

AG Types Guide


Balanced AGs are well-rounded and have access to skills that enable them to fill different roles at the same time. However, this is also one of their main weaknesses. As jack-of-all-trades, balanced AGs won’t excel in offense or defense. Nevertheless, they’re quite reliable especially when built well. Equipment sets that can complement their strengths are recommended.

Top Balanced AGs: Teufel, Nio

AG Types Guide


Tactical AGs have specific skill sets and talents that can work exceptionally well in specific combat situations. However, due to their niche abilities, they’re not ideal for common deployments like daily missions or PvP. Their ideal equipment set are the ones that can further enhance their abilities/ skill sets.

Top Tactical AGs: Quinn, Alice, Tony, Roko

AG Types Guide


Repair AGs are the healers in the game. Since they specialize in keeping everyone alive in combat, they lack any reliable offensive capabilities. To increase their survivability, HP-oriented gear are usually equipped to repair AGs.

Top Repair AGs: Hearin, Morris, Neisa

AG Types Guide


Defense AGs are the tanks of the game, meant to taunt enemies and take the aggro intended for their allies. Even their offensive skills scale off their DEF stat so providing them with DEF-oriented equipment sets will make them even more sturdier.

Top Defense AGs: Nemophila, Della, Sylvia,

AG Types Guide

This concludes our AG Types Guide for Artery Gear Fusion. For more Artery Gear Fusion content, please check out our online guide and related articles.

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