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AG Core Attributes

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Artery Gear Fusion is a gacha mobile game featuring equally badass and attractive mech girls in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by murderous Puppets. Weapon triangles or rock-paper-scissors systems are sometimes embedded in a game’s combat system to bring some sort of balance and strategy. In our AG Core Attributes Guide, we will discuss the different core types and how these can affect the flow of battle.

In the game, the color attributes are called Thunder (blue), Molten (red), and Crystal (green). Each AG and enemy unit in the game has a corresponding color coded attribute that follows a rock-paper-scissors system where one color is stronger and weaker against other colors. The AG’s class/type found on the top-left corner of their portrait/card will have the color of the AG’s attribute. These attributes are permanent features of their AGs and there’s no way to change these.

.This “core triangle” can determine the squad’s composition and even affect the flow of battle. Here’s a quick overview of the core triangle:
* Blue > Red
* Red > Green
* Green > Blue
AG Core Attributes

To better explain the bonus effects of this core triangle, let’s use a Blue unit and a Red unit as examples.
* When Blue attacks Red, Blue gets 10% increased damage and 15% boost to its critical chance.
* If Red attacks Blue, Blue has a 50% chance to Deflect the Red’s incoming attack. Deflected attacks deal 25% less damage and additional effects of that attack will not trigger.
* If Blue attacks another Blue unit, the damage will be normal without boosts or penalties. Normal critical chance and critical damage can still be applied.
AG Core Attributes

As an additional example, if you’re facing a red boss, then bringing a squad of four blue units will be ideal. At the same time, this damage advantage is mostly utilized by damage-dealing units. Support and defensive units can also take advantage of the damage reduction effects of the core triangle if they’re facing the unit colors they’re strong against.

This knowledge is integral to the game’s combat so make sure to memorize it by heart so you’ll have an easier time forming your squads and preparing for tough fights or PvP.

This concludes our AG Core Types Guide for Artery Gear Fusion. For more Artery Gear Fusion content, please check out our online guide and related articles.

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