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Archero Redeem Codes (November 2022)
Archero Redeem Codes (November 2022)
All of the redeem codes for Archero are below. While they are still valid, you can use these codes to redeem some free stuff for this game. Make sure to use them before they expire. Check back at a ..
Archero Spellbook Tier List (November 2022)
All the Spellbooks must be fully charged before they can be used, and all take the same amount of time to charge. Each of the Spellbooks grants various helpful bonuses when full that last for ..
Archero Locket Tier List (November 2022)
Lockets in Archero provide unique effects that can help you during the game. Upgrading lockets will increase the effects of their healing abilities. Our Archero Locket Tier List will help make sure ..
Archero Spirits (Pets) Tier List (November 2022)
In Archero spirits are pets that fly around you and attack the enemy. Spirits can be leveled up to become more powerful and can help you considerably during the game by dealing damage and even ..
Archero Ability Tier List (November 2022)
Abilities in Archero are power-ups that can be obtained several ways, these include at the start of each chapter (providing you have the Glory Talent), whenever you level up your hero (you will be ..
Archero Ring Tier List (November 2022)
In Archero different types of rings can be found inside the Obsidian or Golden Chests and each of them has a unique ability, all of which can help you considerably during the game. You can equip ..
Archero Armor Tier List (November 2022)
Each of the different armors you can equip in Archero will give you special abilities that will help you in some way during the game, these include health bonuses, reduce damage taken, increase your ..
Archero Character Tier List (November 2022)
You begin Archero with Atreus who is a free hero but as you progress through the game you will be able to unlock new and better heroes with coins, gems, by farming shards, or by spending money. Take ..
Archero Weapon Tier List (November 2022)
There are four different types of weapons to choose from in Archero and your best option will be the one that best suits your playstyle. Archero is not an easy game, so it is important that you use a ..
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