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In Archero by developers, Habby, is a cool game where you control a lone archer through numerous levels, moving around obstacles and shooting the enemies before they shoot you. We've got a few Archero cheats and tips below to help you get to grips with the game.

Archero is a great concept and pretty unique, thankfully it also plays extremely well. Basically you move the archer around, and when you stop, he shoots, you don't need to target any of the enemies, the game takes care of that for you.

As you progress through the game you unlock better skills, and can fuse items for even stronger weaponry.

The game is simple to play, but very hard to master, our Archero cheats and tips below aim to give you some help in getting through this game.

Archero Cheats and Tips

1) Keep Moving
Don't stay in one place for too long, you'll soon get hit by a rock, a bat, or some other nasty. The thing is however, the only way to shoot is to stand still! So work on your timing, try to see patterns in the way the enemies are throwing objects and time your movements accordingly.

2) Learn to Stutterstep
This basically means making small movements on the playing field, this will increase your attack speed and overall damage per second.

So instead of staying still to make your shots at enemies, adjust your position slightly and you will fire off more shots per second. Staying still, although gets you shooting, does not get you shooting in the most efficient way possible, you need to make very small steps continually to optimise your firing rate.


Mastering stutterstepping can be difficult, so if you are having trouble, look for when your Archer fires, then tap the screen to make a small movement, then again and again... That's stutterstepping. You should notice your archer shooting more frequently than when he just stands still.

It's a lot harder to stutterstep with fast firing weapons.

3) Use your gems wisely
While the game does give you the opportunity for you to win free gems on a daily basis, you should really think about how best to use. For example using them on revives is a bit of a waste, unless you are right at the end of chapter that you have a great chance of finishing with a revive. Also using them to purchase common chests is a bit of a lame idea too as you can just grind through the game to get these easy rewards.

Epic chests however are quite good value, so you may want to consider using gems to get these if you are overflowing with gems!

4) Grind your free daily gems
You get five chances a day to get gems when you beat a boss. If you can't beat your current level boss, then go back to another level to get your gem wheel chance. You can do this five times a day.

Free Gems
Free Gems

You also get free gems every 10 levels, and for completing chapters.

5) Grind to improve your weapons and abilities
Replaying levels over and over will allow you to grind through upgrades to your weapons and abilities, it's essential really to do this , as each time you play through, potentially you have a chance to become a little bit stronger.

Think about this when you are stuck on a level. Maybe go back and grind some more earlier levels to unlock more upgrades and collect more coins.

If you need some more help in the Archero, check out our page to see questions other players have asked about the game, or ask your own.
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I do like it but there needs to be more options, and some control improvements. I hope they can update it to make it better.
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