Archero Armor Tier List (February 2023)

by SanzanoSep 15th 2021

Each of the different armors you can equip in Archero will give you special abilities that will help you in some way during the game, these include health bonuses, reduce damage taken, increase your dodge, or give you damage-dealing effects. Our Archero Armor Tier List will tell you what the best armors are in Archero and also help you to make the best choice based on your playstyle.


SS Tier: Vest of Dexterity

Vest of Dexterity
Vest of Dexterity

This is without doubt the best armor in Archero, it enables you to dodge everything including traps and gives your character the best shield against the onslaught of dungeon crawling enemies you encounter in the game. This armor is particularly effective if you are already adept at dodging and prefer a dodge boost instead of increasing defense.

- Unique base effect: +7% Dodge rate

- Unique rare effect: +20% Healing from red hearts

- Unique epic effect: Deals 80% equipment screen damage (affected by attack boost) and applies Lightning effect to the nearest enemy

S Tier: Phantom Cloak

Phantom Cloak
Phantom Cloak

This armor is great at preventing you from getting hit by projectiles, making it the ideal choice if you struggle to avoid damage from the monsters that shoot them. The Phantom Cloak freezes enemies every time you get hit, which gives you the opportunity to re-position yourself or get extra shots in.

- Unique base effect: +10% Projectile Resistance

- Unique rare effect: +20% Healing from red hearts

- Unique epic effect: Freezes enemies who hit you for 1-2s (isn't interrupted by attacking) and deals thorn damage

A Tier: Bright Robe

This armor reduces damage during battles from both projectiles and melee making it the ideal choice for offensive minded players. Every level you upgrade it will raise your overall HP.

- Unique base effect: +12% Front Damage Resistance

- Unique rare effect: +25% In-game Lv. upgrade speed

- Unique epic effect: Each upgrade will increase Max HP

A Tier: Golden Chestplate

This is a versatile armor that is good at both protecting you from monsters that shoot projectiles at you and deal melee damage. The Golden Chestplate is the idea choice if you are a player that struggles with melee and ranged attacks.

- Unique base effect: +5% Damage Resistance

- Unique rare effect: +20% Healing from red hearts

- Unique epic effect: Deals 8% of base damage per tick as flame damage to close enemies

B Tier: Shadow Robe

This is not a particularly good armor, as it only offers damage reduction for damage that comes from behind. The Shadow Robe does however have the ability to deal dark damage to nearby enemies, which can be effective, but overall it is not worth using as its other abilities are useless.

- Unique base effect: +22% Rear Damage Resistance

- Unique rare effect: +7% Max. HP

- Unique epic effect: Applies 135% equipment damage as Dark Effect to nearby enemies (within 4 grid squares of distance)

C Tier: Void Robe

The Void Robe is probably the worst armor in Archero, it will though adequately protect you when defending against monsters that use melee attacks.

- Unique base effect: +10% Collision Resistance

- Unique rare effect: +20% Healing from red hearts

- Unique epic effect: Applies 30% equipment damage per sec as Poison to all enemies (can be stacked with Poison Abilities)

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