Archero Locket Tier List (January 2023)

by SanzanoSep 16th 2021
Archero Locket Tier List
Archero Locket Tier List

Lockets in Archero provide unique effects that can help you during the game. Upgrading lockets will increase the effects of their healing abilities. Our Archero Locket Tier List will help make sure you invest in a useful locket or one that will be the most beneficial to your gamestyle.

SS Tier: Agile Locket
When HP is lower than 20%, Dodge chance increases. The Agile Locket is arguably the best locket in Archero due to its convenient ability to increasing your dodge, so you have a higher chance of not getting hit by a fatal strike when your HP is below 20%.

S Tier: Angel Locket
Upon death, grants a chance to revive with 10% health and an invincibility shield. At first glance this would appear the best option but when you take into account that it is unreliable, and you only have a 5% chance of this happening you can understand the reason why the Agile Locket gets the top spot.

A Tier: Bloodthirsty Locket
Can recover HP on kills when HP is lower than 18%. The Bloodthirsty effect will heal your hero, but will go away when they regain 20% HP. Getting to 21% health will not help you that much, so it is recommended that you opt for the Agile or Angel Lockets, which give you additional agility which will help prevent taking damage and can give you a revive when your hero dies.

B Tier: Piercer Locket
Can penetrate walls when HP is lower than 14%. The piercing effect you get from the Piercer Locket is not much use unless you are in a situation where you are surrounded by multiple enemies and need to escape, as you are unable to keep your health up much longer.

C Tier: Bulletproof Locket
When HP is lower than 20%, reduces projectile damage taken. The Bulletproof locket only affects projectiles, it will not help you with melee damage. This locket isn't much use because if your hero is below 20%, each strike has the potential to be your last.

C Tier: Iron Locket
When HP is lower than 20%, damage dealt by bumping into enemies is reduced. The Iron Locket is pretty much just as useless as the Bulletproof Locket, except it helps heal incoming collision damage.

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