Archero Spellbook Tier List (May 2024)

By Dennis | Sep 16th 2021
Archero Spellbook Tier List
Archero Spellbook Tier List

All the Spellbooks must be fully charged before they can be used, and all take the same amount of time to charge. Each of the Spellbooks grants various helpful bonuses when full that last for several seconds, the exception is the Enlightenment Spellbook which gives a skill that lasts until the end of the run. All the Spellbooks provide a Max HP bonus all the time and an Attack bonus during the ultimate. Again the exception is the Enlightenment Spellbook which has no ultimate duration. Our Archero Spellbook Tier List will help you to choose the best Spellbook or the one that best suits your playstlye.


SS Tier: Giants Contract

Once the energy is fully charged, transform with the Courage Giant power. This Spellbook will give you additional attack and crit damage, it will also increase your defense, give you additional collision damage, and give you all the spinning sword skils. Giants Contract provides a shield when it activates which drains over time and drains faster when taking damgage, the shield ends when it has been totally depleted. This is without doubt the best Spellbook to fuse in Archero.

S Tier: Spectral Book

Summon undead enemies to help you battle. Once the energy is fully charged, the Spectral Book is able to summon a Flame Mage and a Skeleton King. This is a powerful book that is worth getting to fuse. Its downside is the time you can use it against enemies ticks down fast.

A Tier: Enlightenment Spellbook

Once the Enlightenment Spellbook is fully charged, you will be given a random skill in battle. With this Spellbook you can get 3-4 additional skills over the course of 50 rooms, making it worth having to fuse.

B Tier: Art of Combat Spellbook

Increase projectile knockback effect when full. The Spectral Book will add the knockback each time the book is fully charged, the longer the fight last, the more knockback you get. This can be very useful in a fight as it interrupts enemies.

B Tier: Arcane Archer

Increases projectile frequency and own attack. Although the Arcane Archer Spellbook may not be as effective as those listed above, it is still powerful as it adds attack speed and attack power when fully charged. It is therefore the weakest Spellbook and bottom of the list.

C Tier: Ice Realm

The least powerful book to recommend because the freezing effect only applies to enemies around you, not all enemies in the room. The attack increase is similar to the Arcane Archer Book, but the freeze needs a buff to be strong enough to keep up with the other books.

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